Rules for the BARF/Accountability Internal Challenge!

How to sign up: 

  • You need to commit $49 to be in the challenge. Half of the challenge money, $25, will go to the Clark County Food Bank, the remaining $24 will go to prizes for the winning team and our White Elephant holiday party. 

  • If you bring in a BARF for the Challenge, they will only pay $49 for a months worth of training from Nov 18th - Dec 14th. The BARF must have a sit-down orientation with Coach Josh. They must commit to working out 3x a week.

  • The Challenge starts November 18th, but your BARF needs to have their sit-down with Coach Josh before then. The Challenge ends December 14th with our White Elephant Party at 11 am (Bootsie’s rules to follow).

  • Reply to this email and say it is OK to charge your account $49. If you have a BARF that wants to participate, give us their phone number and we will send them a link to schedule a sit down with Josh. 

How to score points: 

  • The challengers will be RANDOMLY assigned (chosen by a higher power) to either Team Deadpool or Team Domino, and if you have a  BARF, they will automatically be on your team. Captain Deadpool will NOT be allowed to gift his team points, nor will Captain Domino (ie. no TomFoolery with the points system). 

  • You will weigh you in on the first day of the Challenge 11/18. The team that loses the most body fat % earns 50 points.

  • Participants have to work out 3x a week to earn one point. If you work out 4x a week, you get an extra 4 points! If you work out 5x a week you get an extra 5 points (the more frequent you train...the more points you get)!!!

  • Photo in dojo after a workout is worth 1 pt per day.

  • Photo of a Warrior 20 meal is worth 1 pt per day.

*Challenge is open to current and new members only.