Coach Josh

Coach Josh!

Coach Josh!

Josh was a skinny kid growing up in southern Oregon, and consistently the new kid in class. After a few years of the nickname "little Josh", he decided to get in shape by reading some old bodybuilding manuals he checked out from the library. He embraced fitness and discipline at a fairly early age which came in handy when he enlisted in the Army at 17...

After serving four years on active duty including a deployment with the 173rd Airborne to Southern Afghanistan, Josh decided to return to Oregon to continue his education. Carrying with him some enthusiasm for fitness and the experience of training soldiers to meet the Army physical fitness standards, he began coaching in 2007 as a part time gig. He soon discovered that he had more passion for fitness than for economics, and began his transition to a full time coach shortly after college.

Having studied the work of Paul Chek, Pavel, Dan John, Mark Rippetoe, Nate Green, John Berardi, Craig Ballantyne and many many more... Josh finally found himself in a seminar in front of Martin Rooney. The topic of this particular seminar was coaching, specifically the hallmarks of a great coach. Moved to tears at the reminder that compassion and courage lay at the center of a great coach, he was convinced he needed to make a commitment to be the absolute best at believing in others, and rooting for their success.

Training for Warriors Portland is the culmination of years of effort, and steadfast focus on coaching great people first, and great movement second.

Josh is an amateur strength athlete in Portland, Oregon. He works hard to read daily, practice meditation, study boxing and other martial arts, as well as be kind to himself and others. He is a huge advocate for self-care, and works tirelessly to invest energy and time in others and is very pleased to announce that he has no criminal convictions on his record.


Coach Elizabeth

Coach Elizabeth

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Coach Elizabeth has been a strong woman long before she was a strength coach.

She moved to Oregon many years ago in order to raise her child in peaceful environs and to double down on her quest of self-discovery and self-creation. She discovered High Intensity Interval Training with a motley crew of fitness enthusiasts at the local community center.

As Elizabeth grew more fit, her quest gained momentum and her confidence grew, as well. She decided to invest in herself and hired legendary Coach Josh "Hardcore" Sabraw to teach her how to lift heavy and sprint... and so she did!

With a passion for heavy lifting, Elizabeth teaches training, nutrition, and recovery principles at Training For Warriors Portland. Always learning new things and finding new ways to help people, she clearly embodies the message "Bring Forth the Warrior Within."