Meet Marie. Her Own Worst Enemy... Literally.


At 64 years old, Marie continually grapples with an insidious opponent: her immune system. 

Pain gets in the way of everyday life:

Marie was diagnosed with scleroderma 8 years ago. Scleroderma is an autoimmune disorder that gradually hardens connective tissue throughout the body. Organs targeted are the skin, lungs and esophagus. Movement becomes painful and difficult and full lung function is challenged by the buildup of scar tissue in the lungs making it a physically difficult to take a deep breath. Every year, Marie must work hard not to lose pulmonary function. In addition, her hands stiffen and pick up excess calcium, making it painful to use her grip, let alone tie her shoes or type. 

Something had to change in her body...

Through a friend, Marie found Coach Josh and Training for Warriors.  Coach Josh has devoted his life to helping people in the community burn fat, build muscle and feel good. Working proactively with her coaches, Marie is striving to improve her health to stay ahead of her disease. 

Marie at Training for Warriors Portland

Working through limitations

Coach Josh has created functional training and resistance workouts that contribute to improving cardio and mobility function. He has also helped Marie to create a healthy eating plan to support her wellness. Working around and through her limitations, she continues to strengthen her body and can actually do more since the onset of the disease.

This type of issue called for a full-on commitment

Having dealt with her disease and the problems associated with it, she knew that she was going to need more than a “6 Week Solution” kind of a plan. She proactively made the commitment to a holistic program for 12 months to FINALLY feel strong again. 

Getting stronger and stronger, ERRYDAY!

Marie has been making measurable improvements in mobility and strength ever since! She does this day in and day out, despite the pain and stiffness present in her body. Comfort be damned, it is onward and upward!

Defeat is not an option for Marie

With all the complications in her life and body, she could have resigned herself to defeat (which in this case would be a progressive deterioration) She could have stayed in her comfort zone and not challenged her body and mind that kept presenting her with painful obstacles. Instead, Marie has chosen to bring forth warrior within!

Marie and Coach Josh! TFW Portland

Marie and Coach Josh! TFW Portland