You can keep up with (and even crush!) all your favorite activities.

Meet Amber

Amber kitten her swole on here at TFW Portland


Amber is a 47-year-old who spends her time taking care of the people and animals at the veterinary clinic she works at. She LOVES cycling, surfing and skiing… but would appreciate having more strength to make those activities more enjoyable. Her 12+ hour days at the office used to be a breeze, but to be honest, lately she had been packing a few extra pounds around the mid-section and couldn't seem to shrug it off. Lifting animals became a tiresome task, often met without the strength to perform the task appropriately.

Conquering boring training and lack of accountability

A boxed-cereal addiction and constant caring for others left Amber in need of an overhaul. She wanted to completely shift her metabolism, her habits, and her body but she was unable to achieve those goals by simply going to her previous gym. She hated squats because they hurt her knees. She hated core work and could not perform a simple plank. Her fear of aggravating any of her prior injuries left her gently pedaling in the cardio studio while watching home improvement shows. Aside from martial art classes, Amber never really sought out coaching or personal training. She needed a FUN new environment, a brand-new plan and some built-in accountability if she was really going to change her life.

Finding the path that works for her

Through a friend, she found out about Coach Josh and Training for Warriors. Coach Josh has devoted his life to helping people in the community burn fat, build muscle and feel good.

A whole new plan for Amber

Together with a coach, Amber planned out a new schedule for herself. To start, she began lifting three times per week including some High Intensity Interval Training… in the form of sprints (in which she quickly became a BEAST). She has customized warm-ups to strengthen her abs and prevent back pain, which soon became part of her daily routine.

Commitment to decrease injury and increase strength

Having dealt with her injuries and issues for many years, she knew that she was going to need more than a “6 Week Solution” kind of a plan. She mentally committed to a holistic program for 6 months to change the way that her body looked and felt.

Building successes!

Within a month, her arms hardened up to look like Michelle Obama’s. She learned to sprint, squat, deadlift, and most importantly, to high-five. She made new friends, expanded her social circle, and MOST dramatically of all, she TOSSED OUT her boxes of Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch! With her waist shrinking and her body changing, she chose to write a new story for herself.

Bringing forth the warrior within by making herself a priority

Amber could have accepted that as an aging professional dedicated to her business and family… that she didn’t have time for herself or for her health. She could have accepted to stick with her usual recreational activities (she still surfs, skis, and cycles ALL IN THE SAME DAY, a feat she refers to as “The Triple Play.” Instead, she accepted a challenge and decided that she would bring forth the warrior within.