Like Bootsie, you too can have more energy and strength!

Meet Joelle aka Bootsie!


Bootsie hero's journey

At 47 and 3/4 years old, Joelle had lost her “Power Spot”, that place where you challenge yourself, marvel at your own strength, and grow as a person.

The last time she had a “crew” of positive people around her, she was a competitive dancer with her own coach, studio, and friends in the circuit. Her challenging work schedule and long commute affected her ability to attend classes. She missed that camaraderie and the feeling of strength, along with the fitness that accompanied it.

Feeling mentally and physically low

Her doctor tells her that although her weight is the same, her body fat is slowly increasing as her muscle deteriorates. It was the first time in her life that she felt she was aging, which also amplified a chronic battle with depression.  She needed something to help slow the aging process and improve her emotional well-being, but without dance she only had her husband and his LONG, BORING WORKOUTS… which was a no-go.

Finding just the right fit

Through a friend, Joelle found out about Coach Josh and Training for Warriors. Coach Josh has devoted his life to helping people in the community burn fat, build muscle and feel good. Better yet, he offered a 6 am class that she was able to fit into her crazy work schedule!

It started with an 8 Week Warrior Challenge at TFW PDX

Together, Coach Josh and Joelle decided that the best course of action was to commit a Warrior Challenge. A program designed for people like her. They took an in-depth look at the fundamentals of training and recovery. They went over all of her questions and concerns about what exactly she would be asked to do over the next few weeks, and once she understood her mission, she committed to training 3 times each week for the next 60 days.

Courage and  heeding the call to action

The day of the challenge arrived and there was no turning back. She had already taken the first step, showing up to that first day despite anxiety about working out in front of others, and having to learn brand new exercises and habits. The gauntlet had been thrown, and there was no turning back.

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Discovering new successes and leveling up!

Over the course of the next few months, slight changes appeared. She felt some slight fatigue and soreness throughout her body at times, but that soreness soon gave way to strength. As her body changed to perform new lifts and challenging metabolic workouts, she felt her energy levels improve. Just about everything in life became a little easier to accomplish, whether it was sprinting to a meeting or getting a restful night of good quality sleep. Slight changes gave way to large changes, and by the end of the challenge, she had lost 5% body fat!

Not today, failure. Not today!

Instead of dropping out of another failed fitness fad, Joelle found a community of like-minded warriors who are all on the path to get better. She doesn’t have to continue her backward slide toward potential dis-ease due to a high body fat percentage and depression. She has leapt over that particular chasm, and is moving towards loftier goals!

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