Becoming a warrior: A tale of working through hypermobility and pain

Meet Ross, a unique person with a unique situation

Ross is a highly unique human being, in more ways than one. He has been 6'6" since he was 14 years old, which made for interesting run-ins with practical jokesters at summer camp. Not only is he physically large, he is also physically flexible.

Extremely flexible.

To an unhelpful degree.

RAWR! Ross crushing the single arm overhead press!


Hypermobility caused some physical difficulty for Ross

Ross has quite a long body type that is long, which can make it difficult to move. In addition, he is naturally hyper-mobile, which sounds really cool. In many ways it is! However, hyper-mobility comes with some natural disadvantages. Chronic back pain, some unhelpful asymmetries and difficulty to create tension and be strong made it very difficult to be consistent inside the gym and not get injured!

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An alternative to previous training regimens

Through a friend, he found out about Coach Josh and Training for Warriors. Ross discovered that there were many things that he could do to decrease his bodily pains and also build strength and much-needed muscle.

Finding the movements that increased strength and decreased pain

Ross and Coach Josh came together to define a plan that decreased back pain by developing core control and strength. He would do simple movements that protected his back, which gradually developed his ability to squat, bench, and sprint. He became a well-rounded athlete by taking it slow and letting his body catch up with the movements he was perfecting.

The time was right

Though Ross had exercised on and off before joining Josh and Training For Warriors, he hadn't previously enjoyed success with his goals for a long time. He heard that the coaches at TFW Portland make it point to adjust the plan to the person, not the other way around. The timing was right for Ross to commit to change!

Each setback became an opportunity to get better

 By no means an overnight success story, Ross decided to take himself on as a project. When setbacks occurred, he viewed them as educational opportunities, providing him with new insights about his body, lifestyle, and habits. He slowly adapted his training and eating to reflect what his body and mind truly needed. The results have been less pain, more muscle, less fat and great resilience.

Ross could have decided that his body wasn't suited to training, or that his goals were too ambitious given his circumstances. Instead, he took the road less traveled and now has a greater confidence in his own ability to DO.

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