Francie's journey in finding a familia that gets her pumped for working out!

Meet Francie!

Francie gun show!

Francie is a young professional who is getting started with her career as a medical professional! She keeps busy and has a limited amount of free time during the week... but wants to stay in great shape.
But how to keep up the momentum?

Although motivated and hard-working, Francie’s motivation for fitness wanes when she's not having fun, or when fitness becomes boring or impersonal. She needs good training regularly while in a fun environment with friendly people.
In search of the right fit!

After browsing the internet, Francie came across an ad for Training for Warriors Portland. She knew she needed to take action to get where she wanted to go, so she called the number and Coach Josh got right back to her.

Planning for success
She met with a coach who was able to listen and learn about the things Francie needed. Together, they came up with a few strategies she could use to move forward immediately.

Francie was ready for change
In recent years, her own get-into-shape plan hadn't evolved into a consistent routine. Her activity would increase in the summer and she would be less active in the winter. but overall, she wasn't looking or feeling the way she wanted to.

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Kicking butt and taking names!

In a few weeks, Francie was lifting and sprinting like a champion. She learned about technique and form, and through some small habit changes, she burned 4.5% bodyfat in 4 short weeks and put on 1.5 lbs of muscle!  

Francie deadlifting! TFW Portland

When she found Training for Warriors, she didn't just find a gym in SE Portland. She found that she was part of a really cool team of people who work hard together so that everyone succeeds!

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