Nate's journey: Moving through back pain to get stronger and more confident!

Introducing Warrior Nate!

Warrior Nate with a sweet squat at Training for Warriors Portland

Warrior Nate with a sweet squat at Training for Warriors Portland

Nate is a happy-go-lucky guy who wants to have fun with his friends, look great in a pair of jeans, and be able to do things like help his friends move and go for a long hike on the weekend occasionally. He needs to be strong enough to do the things he wants to do!

Chronic back pain was getting in the way of life.

For years, Nate has experienced overwhelming back pain. It started with a dull "pop" that hurt his back, and he has been in pain and physical therapy for years in an effort to mitigate his injury. He wants to be stronger and more confident in his body, but he doesn't trust that he can lift weights without pain. At one point, he tried to get his core stronger and got a few more back tweaks along the way.

It takes strength to ask for help

Through a friend, he found out about Coach Josh and Training for Warriors Portland. Nate discovered that there were many steps he could take to not only make his body hurt less but also to build strength and much-needed muscle.

Planning the map for core stability and strength

Nate and Coach Josh created a plan to get rid of back pain by developing core control, stability, and strength. He would do simple movements that protected his back, thus gradually developing his ability to squat, bench, and sprint. Nate became a well-rounded athlete by taking it slow and letting his body catch up to the movements he was perfecting.

Committing to consistent action to make the changes you want to see and feel!

Although Nate had previously tried casual lifting with his friends, he hadn't been able to stick with a plan long enough to see changes. He heard that the coaches at TFW Portland made it a point to adjust the plan to the person, not the other way around. The timing was right to commit to change!

Loving the process creates success!

By no means an overnight success story, Nate decided to take himself on as a project. When setbacks occurred, he viewed them as educational opportunities, providing him with new insights about his body, lifestyle, and habits. He slowly adapted his training and eating to reflect what his body and mind actually needed. The results have been less pain, more muscle, less fat and great resilience.

Do or do not, there is no try

Nate could have decided that his particular body wasn't suited to training, or that his goals were too ambitious given his circumstances. Instead, he took the road less traveled and now has a greater confidence in his own ability to DO.

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