Jessica pushed back against chronic fatigue... and is feeling better than ever!

Meet Jessica

Jessica at TFW


Jessica is a millennial with a passion for sustainable living, civic engagement, and cats that can be transported via backpack to public events. She has numerous passion projects, hobbies and a willingness to get in over her head on a variety of different commitments at any one time!

When chronic fatigue keeps you down...

Jessica has suffered from chronic fatigue for a long time. She doesn't have any food allergies, but her diet has definite effects on her energy levels, focus and joint pain. She has been following a customized diet plan that keeps her feeling good, but wants to stay toned, strong and pain-free. She needs help with a plan that will keep her from over-doing it and still get results!

Ready to spring into action

After browsing the internet, Jessica came across an ad for Training for Warriors Portland. She knew she needed to take action to get where she wanted to go, so she called the number and coach Josh got right back to her.

Putting together the best plan for Jessica

Together, Jessica and Coach Josh came up with a plan that exposed her to some new ways of lifting. She lifted weights, did some high-intensity interval training, learned the best techniques for avoiding injury and burning fat!

It was time to make a change

Jessica was ready. For the past few years, her own get-into-shape plan hadn't evolved into a consistent routine. She would be more active in the summer and less active in the winter but overall she wasn't looking or feeling the way she wanted to.

Finding strength within that she didn't know existed

Jessica chose to take action and get on board with a new plan, and get new results she hadn't had before. She was able to build muscle, burn fat and even knock out a few chin-ups without a problem!

The power of training... and a coach!

Because of her condition, Jessica was already starting out a little bit tired and a lot more skeptical of the gym than most people. She found out that she didn't need to stay tired, and that training could help her maintain a little balance and structure to the rest of her life.