Meet Aziz

Aziz gets after it at Training for Warriors Portland

Aziz is a knowledge worker with a passion for helping people. His day is filled with answering phone calls, writing, editing videos and making a fucking difference. He loves his work, his life and consistently takes on big challenges.

Dealing with chronic pain gets in the way of everyday life

Aziz has suffered from back pain since he was a kid. Undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, medicated and misplaced, his pain got worse and worse. In addition to Aziz's chronic pain, he also had the unscientific condition known as "skinny fat" syndrome: too much bone and gristle... and not enough muscle.

Finding the right fit for a strength coach

Aziz had been aware of Training for Warriors for some time, but was worried that he didn't have the strength to actually complete the training sessions without injuring his back. He reached out to Coach Josh to see if they could come up with a plan that would work for him!

Building a plan that complements AND challenges Aziz

Together, Aziz and his coach worked out a plan that would get him moving in the right direction and would allow his body to slowly adapt to the demands of regular training. He used exercises that helped his back pain, while he also built muscle that helped him burn off some excess body fat. 

It was time to step outside his comfort zone

After the birth of his second child he realized that life's energy demands were very high. Needing to rise to the occasion and let go of old stories, he took the first step towards something he never had (a feeling of resilience) and did something he had never done. He started strength training.

Gains in confidence and physicality

Aziz met resistance early and often. His body was unused to moving under load, and resistance training seemed kind of scary and dangerous. His mind fed him lies about his frailty and the risk to his neck/back/trick-knee. He moved through all this in order to become strong and confident in what his body can do! One more way he has brought forth the warrior within!

Taking a risk pays off!

Aziz's only risk was to stay in pain, and not grow into the person he was meant to become. He could have avoided stress and the trouble challenging his de-conditioned body, but he stuck with it and now actually looks forward to gym days. He took the risk, and he gets the upside.



Meet Adinah

Adinah is a 31-year-old woman and entrepreneur who believes in movement, the body and its incredible power to heal itself. She has a desire to sprint, jump, climb, dance, wrestle and generally play in every conceivable way. It is important to be the best version of herself, to be a strong example to others, and to be pain-free in her everyday life.

However, Adinah’s work can be physically laborious!

As a massage therapist who performs 4-5 massages a day, Adinah would often get repetitive strain injuries. She worked on her body mechanics, stretched and received bodywork herself, but it was just not enough. Her other activities did not help matters either because they were sporadically strenuous. She needed a way to improve her resilience, stability, and strength... all without jeopardizing her practice, fun activities and overall quality of life!

Luckily, she discovered a coach that shared her approach to physicality.

Through a friend, she found out about Coach Josh and Training for Warriors. She was immediately intrigued because he understood the body in a very similar way she did, and his focus was on stabilization and proper form before adding weight to movements. In that way, she trusted would be able to gain the strength she needed without getting injured.

Solidifying a plan to improve a little bit every day!

Together Josh and Adinah created an exercise and nutrition plan that increased her base level strength and stability, kept her from getting injured at work, and overall increased her daily energy. She lifts heavy and sprints, eats nutrient dense foods and works hard on RECOVERY as well as training. Her plan is to lift a little every day in order to slowly and steadily increase her energy and power.

Adinah was ready to start down a new path.

Though Adinah had exercised on and off before joining Josh and Training For Warriors Portland, she now knew that she would need more than an upgraded workout or two. Intuitively, she knew that what she needed was an upgraded way of life. With her obstacles came the opportunity for a big change! She started to lift two days per week and experienced some immediate success. This inspired her to double down on her strength training, so she dedicated herself to five days per week.

Improving the quality of her life by training.

After years of "exercises", Adinah embraced TRAINING. She lifts and sprints with purpose and has committed to do some kind of training every day. She is able to pursue physically demanding hobbies outside of the gym like dance, tree climbing, rock climbing and fire spinning. She continues to improve and takes on regular Warrior Challenges both inside and outside of the gym. There is no stopping her now!

Using obstacles to get even stronger!

Adinah has faced many obstacles in business and in life. It would have been easy for her to choose the easy way and play it safe, but because of her training in the gym and with Coach Josh, she embraces the Warrior Within and uses those obstacles to strengthen her body, mind and spirit.

Are you ready to bring out the warrior within? Click here and kickstart your fitness journey!



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