We know that each person who steps through the door has different goals and commitments to training, which is why we have several paths to support you on your fitness journey.


You will like team training IF:

You are the type of person who needs variety to keep your attention, people to hold you accountable, and the support of an expert coach to keep your form in check and improving! Before you jump into a class you will have to set up a tour and evaluation with a coach, which you can do by clicking HERE.

Fun partner workout at TFW Portland

You will like personal training IF:

You find people overwhelming when you are trying to focus on your body. You might be brand new to strength training. You have sport specific goals, medical conditions or just want to have a personalized plan, this is a great option. To learn more about our personal training plan, click HERE!

Cheryl lifts some easy weight!
Bootsie at the start of her warrior journey

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching provides nutrition and lifestyle support for those with fitness goals. Best for those with another structured training program that need support and education around eating for their goals. Reach out to get more info about nutrition coaching here.

Having a little fun getting into the details of the plan!