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I was looking for a new kind of exercise that would be different from the regular stuff I had been doing- yoga and running. I wanted to try something new to give me some more strength. I started working out with Josh… and my body is completely transformed. I feel great, I‘m super strong and I feel like I look better than I’ve looked in my entire life. Which is great. I love it here! I like the philosophy, I’m motivated to come in.
— Serin
I joined TFW because I was looking for something that would give me a consistent workout with a balance of heavy lifting and sprinting exercises… Plus, the community is AWESOME! I come here first thing in the morning… I get my workout in, it sets me up for feeling strong.
— Heather S.
I took the 8 week challenge because I really needed help getting off the couch... It took me from (being) somebody who had a hard time doing jumping jacks to somebody who can crush some jumping jacks… and anything you throw at me! You get connected to a community that teaches you about health... it helps you stay strong. There’s a lot of camaraderie. You get it all... full service!
— Sean W.
I started training (at TFW) because I was having pretty severe back problems. I was having a recurrence of those problems post surgery and I decided I needed to do something different. I’ve been doing yoga for the last 15 years and I needed to change it… I’m getting better and it’s fun. The people are fun, it’s positive... it’s learning something new. AND it’s fun lifting weights.
— Jenn M.
...Best Shape Of My Life At 40 Years Old!”

After YEARS, not months, of physical therapy and chiropractic appointments, I still had nagging back pain. The exact cause was never explained to me, but within six weeks of training at Form & Function my pain was dramatically reduced. Not only has my back pain been mitigated, but I am also in the best shape of my life at 40 years old!
— Nate S.
Lost A Total Of About 4-5 Pounds In One Month”

I don’t even know where to begin. All the coaches here are amazing and PATIENT! haha

I decided to commit and join Form & Function for 1 month (starting 12/17/15) to learn how to properly lift weights. And if I can tell you one thing, I am so freaking glad I made the move. There are a lot more steps you need to take for weightlifting so that you don’t hurt yourself and that you get the best workout at the same time. Josh always challenged me and pushed me to do/lift to the best of my ability.

I was always nervous about weightlifting because I thought I would get bigger along with having bigger muscles, but Josh taught me that this was not true and he proved it by my results in the end!

I lost a total of about 4-5 pounds in one month, my BMI went down, and I lost 6.5 inches in about 15 days when measured! So I cant even imagine how many more inches I lost when I initially started! Its honestly amazing! I would have never expected this! I feel better, stronger, I look better, and I’m NOT BIG! haha And guess what!? You’re burning fat as you lift which is awesome!!

I plan to take what I learned from Josh and bring it to my gym so I can continue on my path to health and fitness! I never thought in a million years I would say this…but, I LOVE WEIGHT LIFTING! Thanks so much for everything!
— Brianna V.
I’ve Been Constantly Progressing Since I Started...”

Since I began training with Form & Function I have become a stronger, faster and more confident athlete. My goals are specific to my life as mother, contact sport athlete and full time professional. I’ve been constantly progressing since I started, and have come to realize that I may not have the limitations I had once perceived for my body. The best is yet to come!
— Amanda R. -Physician & Captain of High Rollers (Roller Derby)
I’ve Dropped 6 Pounds, And 2.4 % Body Fat”

I joined the group exercising programs, and have found that in the last month I’ve dropped 6 pounds, and 2.4 % body fat. But this is not the most significant (for me) benefit. The most important thing to me is having structure in my life, a recurring appointment that makes taking care of myself mandatory. I like having the commitment to show up, stretch and workout…all things that I want to do but will often sacrifice when my life gets hectic and stressful.
— Matt L.

-Kasey T.