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Focus! Focus! You gotta focus, Portland!

Note: This is a re-post from November 2016.

This is Coach Josh from Training for Warriors Portland. Me and a lot of people I know have recently been talking about a focus problem. A lot of us are distracted by some pretty interesting things currently happening in the world/US.

I'm going to share a tool that I have used to get my focus back. I have borrowed a diagram from Stephen Covey to demonstrate.

Warning: high art here!

Spend more time in your circle of influence!

Spend more time in your circle of influence!


Focus on the things that you have the ability to control.

You've got a circle of concern. Within that, a circle of influence. It's very tempting in these times, to be enamored and excited about the things outside your circle of influence... but inside your circle of concern.

Things outside your circle of influence = stuff you think are important that you cannot control.

Lately, I've given myself a media diet. I'm limiting myself to 15 minutes of media a day, so I can focus on the things I can actually control; the things in my circle of influence. E.g. Your body, your mind, your mental and emotional state, your fiscal health.

If you're like most of us, you've got a moderate circle of influence. If your'e someone like Bill Gates, your circle is probably very large and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!

What happens is: the more we work on the things we can control, the more influence we obtain, and our eventually our reach can spread out to our community, family, boss/workplace etc...

By cultivating the circle of influence, IT GROWS.

You have more impact- not just on your life, but the lives of others.

I'm not saying you should ignore everything in your circle of concern.

But you gotta get the vast majority of your time dedicated to the things you can control. Set a limit. Give yourself a finite amount of time to go down a rabbit hole or read articles or get amped up... but you gotta set that alarm and get back to work!

Get back to the things that matter. Stay aware of whats going on... but FOCUS.

Focus on the things you control. That is how your impact grows. USE THAT TOOL.


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For 28 days, I'm running people through a dynamic training program that runs throughout the holidays. So you're going to gain momentum as you go into the new year, as opposed to losing it.

That's a great way to focus on yourself and the things you control: your vitality and body!


For now:

stay focused on what you can control


keep moving forward

Coach Josh here from TFW PDX... FORCING you to bring out the warrior within!