Choose to Love the One You're With


Love is the theme for our mindset stories, every day this week.

Coach Josh from TFW PDX and all this week, we’re talking about LOVE.

Today, I told one of my favorite stories, which is actually a story I got from Zig Ziglar.

In one of his books, ZZ talks about how he was a HUGE fan of Gerald Ford, Nixon’s vice president who ran for the presidency against Jimmy Carter. And as many of you know, GF was defeated. ZZ really liked him- he voted for him, put a lot of money into the Ford Campaign. Also, he HATED Jimmy Carter. Zig was really upset Jimmy Carter had won. He was stuck in a catch-22; he didn’t personally like JC but he was also the president.. and Zig was very patriotic.

So he decides that he's going to sell himself on Jimmy Carter. He’s going to make himself fall in love with his new president. Zig talks to his friends, listens to their arguments, reads articles and books. Over the course of 10, 15 days, he discovers that there’s a lot of things that the new president says, that make a lot of sense.

Zig likes his position on health care, some of his economic choices and GUESS WHAT? He comes to find that Jimmy is not that bad of a guy after all.

This phenomenon of “loving the one you’re with” or selling yourself on somebody, doesn’t just apply to presidents. It also applies to your husband, wife, children, your boss, and hey! Sometimes even your trainer. The idea is that ZZ made his life better by loving Jimmy Carter because it was easier for him to deal with the presence of that president of his life. I don’t know how important it is for most people to love their president… but it made Zig feel better about who he was.

That’s the whole point.

Loving the one you’re with doesn’t benefit the other person nearly as much as it benefits you.

You are the one who must live with, work with, parent other(s) all day long. And when you decide to love that person and only see the good, it gets real easy to root for them! You will have fun and participate and will find yourself surrounded by a lot more positivity.

So, take that lesson from Zig Ziglar... and sell yourself on the people next to you. It will make a world of difference to the most important person in your life and that's YOU.

This is Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland, helping YOU bring out the warrior within.