Love the process for all the things you do


Hey, Coach Josh here, with message #3 about love!

This week at TFW PDX, we're talking all about love... but we also have a lot of animal stories.

The lion is an integral part of the TFW mythos and today's story is about lions and hunting. This is an idea I got from Eric Thomas, who is a great speaker if you ever want to check him out. He talks about how “real” lions don’t just like to eat. Real lions like to hunt. They love the process as much as they love the prize.

Every lion likes to eat, obviously. But some lions: the leaders of the pack, the most hardcore lions love being on the game trail, picking up the scent, tracking down the prey, selecting the prey, and the take down. They like every step of the process- they like the actual work of being on the hunt.


Lioness on the hunt!


Because they love the work, they get to eat the most. They get the strongest... and they develop their hunting skills the fastest. Those lions are head and shoulders, above the lions who only look for the food.

You can apply this idea to other areas in your life- the act of loving the process as much as you love the prize. For example: A lot of people like to have sex. But do they also like showing up for your partner? Or being in a positive relationship? Contributing in meaningful ways that foster great relationships that have great outcomes?

Same thing applies to your enterprise or work.

Do you want your paycheck at the end of the month? Or are you excited about completing all the projects you need to complete? Are you excited about moving the enterprise forward? Are you excited about being the best in your field?

Because if you are, then the paychecks come really easy.

It’s easy to find work if you’re excited by it. The same goes for relationships and love. If you enjoy showing up for people... MAN, there’s plenty of opportunities for you!

That said, there’s a lot of people who want the “food” or the reward but not many who love the process. If you can fall in the love with the process, I can see big changes for you.

That wraps up message #3 about love this week. There you go:

#1: Love the person next to you

#2: Love the one you’re with 

#3: Love the process

This is Coach Josh from Training for Warriors PDX, helping YOU bring out the warrior within!