Does this behavior or food choice take me CLOSER to my goals?


Coach Josh from Training for Warriors Portland, talking to you today about a concept called "THERE IS NO NEUTRAL”.  

The impetus for this comes from a question I used to get all the time: Is X food bad for me?

When training folks at our gym in Portland, TONS people would ask:

"Hey, I like to eat a lot of grapes. Are grapes bad?"


"Bananas. They’re not on the Warrior 20 shopping list. Are they BAD?"

I want you to think about the food choices you make as not being good or bad.

Instead, run it through the lens of this one question:

“Is this _____________ taking me CLOSER to my goals or not?”

Framing your question in this way will make it a lot more clear about what your choices mean for you. Because there are a lot of things that are not BAD or completely destructive for you. One of my favorite examples is diet soda. A Pepsi Free doesn’t have any calories, so it’s not that "bad" for you. It’s not taking you so far away from your goal (if you are cutting calories).

Doughnuts on the other hand, you would typically say: "I can’t eat those; they’re bad for me."


Even something that is ostensibly neutral or not low impact, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for you. Even though diet soda doesn’t have sugar or calories, it’s not what actually hydrates or heals you. It doesn’t help you recover from your last workout or get you prepared for your NEXT workout. So drinking it (while not being destructive) expends time and energy on something that’s not nurturing to you.

I’m not saying don’t ever do it. I’m saying be aware of your choices! If the choice you are making doesn’t take you TOWARD your goal, where is it taking you?

You don’t want to be one of those people who are never anyplace. 

You want to be moving forward, toward your goal.

Go ahead and ask yourself that question. You can pose this question about your relationships, your pastimes. If you listen to the answer, you might find that some of the things you’re doing AREN’T taking you toward your goal. That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it immediately. It DOES mean you are now aware of your choices and their overall impact on your life. 

There are no bad foods, only uninformed food choices.

That’s a very mediocre quote from Coach Josh here at TFW PDX, helping YOU bring out the warrior within!


You are in power of choosing your foods and behavior. Training for Warriors Portland