Don't trade food for exercise!!! Training for Warriors Portland


Are you STILL trading food for exercise!?

“You just ate a fun-size pack of Oreos? No problem, just climb 127 flights of stairs.” -Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Body.

This quote makes me smile because it paints a stark example of what trading food for exercise sounds like to me. Crazy talk. The more physically demanding your life is, the higher the quality of the food you eat should be. Food quality is basically how close to whole, organic and fresh is your food source. The more boxed, processed and preserved a food, the lower the quality.

In the bad old days (like the 1980s fitness crazes of aerobics or bodybuilding), folks thought that calories burned “made up” for calories eaten. Like a zero-sum game for weight loss (calories eaten - calories burned = total fat storage or loss). This is flawed in many ways.

Don't trade food for exercise. Training for Warriors Portland


Calories are not created equal.

Calories are more difficult to burn than to eat, in addition to the law of diminishing returns on Long Slow Distance Cardio (another misused vestige of by-gone training lore).  People can be undernourished in calories and still add fat.

The bottom line is you are what you eat.

I am made up of 85% whole foods, organic produce and some grains and dairy. The other 15% is happy hour food and drinks. No one is perfect :-)

If you train hard in your Portland gym, on the road, on the court... you need good food!

Short-change your diet and your performance will lag, as will your recovery and your results. The harder you play, the more good stuff you need in your diet!