This weird trick burns fat INSTANTLY!

OMG, I stumbled on this CRAZY thing that is more powerful than any tip I have EVER shared! I can't believe this !!!

Maybe I should NOT be giving it away?!?
















HAHA! Got you!

This is Coach Josh, giving you some clickbait… but really just trying to get your attention.

Because the only thing that is guaranteed to consistently build muscle and burn fat is:


There’s no such thing as a perfect plan. There isn’t!

All you gotta do is take action. A little bit over time adds up to a lot. 

There’s no fancy trick there’s no cocktail that you can brew that’s going to make everything go away or make everything different. All you gotta do is start today. Act now and the time might be right. There’s no perfect time: "I don’t have the time, I don't have energy, I don't have the money"... COMMIT, and the time appears. I previously said there was no such thing as a perfect plan- that might not be true. A really great plan might involve making small, discrete, but very important changes over a long period of time.

Look at some of my students’ goals: 

  •  Eat 5 meals a day
  •  Drink water
  • Prep the night before, pre that habit. 

Every week, every month; we add the next habit on top of the others. REPEAT: A little bit on top of a little bit= A LOT

That’s your program! That’s how you get results.

Eat right and exercise.

Your doctor’s been saying it, your mom’s been saying it, your grandfather’s been saying it, your dad’s been saying it, your trainer has been saying it, your fitness friend(who goes for a run every single lunch) has been saying it.

It doesn’t really change. Move your body and eat the right foods. You already know what to eat, you know you need to be working out. Just do it!

Act now, and the time might be perfect. But if you’re looking for that quick fix or simple solution, you're not going to find it. And I don’t think that really works for anybody. BUT YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT!


Stop clicking on the clickbait!

Get off your butt!

Take action!

Coach Josh from Training for Warriors PDX trying to help YOU bring out the warrior within.