PROTEIN. How much is enough? TFW Portland


Protein intake is a lynchpin factor of health and vitality.

It is a more stable source of energy than carbohydrates are, as protein is slowly digested. The human body needs to consume protein daily because there is no real mechanism for storing amino acids outside of muscle tissue. If you don’t eat complete proteins (foods containing all 8 essential amino acids), your body will eat away at your lean tissue to meet its own requirements. Over time, this lowers metabolism which slows down all processes, including our bodies use of fat for weight loss.

"Protein" by unknown, released by the  National Cancer Institute ,

"Protein" by unknown, released by the National Cancer Institute,


It only takes a small amount of high quality protein to satisfy the body’s requirements. One 4 - 6oz serving of fish, poultry or beef is plenty, per meal. A cup of lentils is about 12 grams of protein, which is about enough for one meal.

Our bodies like meat because it is highly nutrient-dense, has a full profile of all amino acids and is very bio-available (quickly assimilated into our systems). Many plant based proteins are technically complete but thin on certain amino acids. This means the body will only be able to breakdown so many complete chains before the remaining protein is incomplete.

As always, the highest quality foods are one-step from nature, organic, and local. So try to find some local healthy foods originating in near us here in Portland, Oregon.

Just shop as mindfully as you can afford for food quality and your body and mind will repay your investment!