RECOVERY: you can't win without it! TFW Portland


Hey, Coach Josh here at TFW Portland!

I observe many people, training hard in and out of the gyms in Portland, putting a lot of work into their bodies.

I believe that deep down, folks know that it is hard work and consistency that pays off in the long run. But what gives you the energy and focus to invest in yourself in the first place?

Where do you draw the strength to build strength? In fact, when do you actually get stronger? Is it during your training session in the gym or on the road or ski slopes?

Nope. It is when your body compensates for overreaching activity that you actually create strength. In order to improve you will have to find ways to bring Renewal and Recovery into your life on a regular basis.

Recovery for strength! Training for Warriors Portland

Recovery for strength! Training for Warriors Portland


An age-old bodybuilding maxim is: "There's no such thing as over-training, but there is under-recovering".

Since we're talking about opposing forces here (Yin and Yang if you will) the concept is essentially the same. Training 7 days per week is only troublesome if you are slow to recover or take few measures to bring recovery directly into your life.

Many people I know exhibit the signs of overtraining and rest zero days per week. These people eat food that is not truly nourishing, sleep little or fitfully, have abrasive emotional relationships with themselves and others, have a life that naturally carries friction between competing goals in various aspects of life, are distracted and multitasking, spend little time nourishing relationships that empower and inspire them, or are over-committed to others in ways that doesn't bring good into their own lives.

My point is: all the good training in the world, all the mileage put forth on the road, all the hard work of diet... will be for naught if you don't take the time to restore your vitality.

Key concepts for recovery include:

  • Active Rest
  • Passive Rest
  • Mobility Work
  • Tissue Quality Work
  • Light Training Days
  • Sleep Environment
  • Nutrition

Sharpening the Ax (P/PC balance as Stephen Covey refers to it) is critical to becoming a person of mental and physical strength. Whether your goals are weight loss, athletic performance, strength training or overall vitality enhancement, recovery will be with you as long as your have cells in your brain and body.

More to follow, Portlanders!