Cooking for health and vitality


The key to long term success with your diet is:

Having good food within arms reach throughout the day


Eating that food in the right ratios

If 4 of every 5 meals is ideal, then I would chalk that day up in the win column.

Here's what the champions do. I learned how to eat from the most successful people I know (most vital, most productivity, leanest and most energetic people in my industry).

Wake and eat (5:00AM)

Breakfast II (9:30AM)

Lunch (1:00PM)

Lunch II (4:30PM)

Dinner (7:00PM)

Get food in the right amount, at the right time. Training for Warriors Portland


These meals can be mini (mine generally are not).

If your food quality is high, calories are not as important. The key is just keeping the food around you so that you have access to it. This leads us directly into our main topic: Batch Cooking and food storage. Every meal should have some balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Since you know in advance you'll need these, you may as well cook them all at once and store them together.


A serving of meat is 4-6 ounces (a bit larger than a deck of playing cards). You should make multiple servings at once to give yourself a few days of food. I will typically roast chicken thighs, beef brisket or salmon in the oven at the same time I'm roasting any vegetables. This allows multiple things to happen at once and gives you time to get ahead on cleaning or blanching veggies.


Vegetables and occasionally fruit. The reason why we eat more veggies is because they carry fiber, protein, vital secondary nutrients, essential minerals and vitamins as well as sugar (complex carbohydrates). The most ideal way to eat veggies is raw, with blanching a close second. Everything else is sub-par but as long as you're eating your veggies you're on the right track. I blanch all my vegetables in boiling water for two minutes (I put butter and salt in the water for added flavor and nutrients). I pull them after two minutes and drop them into ice water to stop the cooking process, then I dry them. You should see bright colors and your veggies should look very fresh and alive. They will loose some of the crunch and bitterness, but still be crispy compared to roasted or stir-fried versions.


I am a fast oxidizer and pick dark meats and cuts of animals that have some fat in them. This provides me with a healthy source of fat in my diet (since organic meat is free of the toxins that are normally stored in commercially raised farm animals. My organic bacon just has grass and truffles stored in the fat!) I cook my food in butter, coconut or olive oil and drink a bulletproof coffee just about every day. I keep peanut butter and avocado around the house to eat by itself or add to a meal that is lacking in some good healthy fats.

It takes me about 90 minutes to cook 3 days worth of healthy meals (including clean up). I can make a stew, a quiche, blanch veggies and still have time to do my dishes. It does take practice to set up a system that works for you, but once you realize you can make food for several days using a personalized process, you will save yourself time and money during your work week, as well as keeping your waist slim and energy levels high!