A fast, great workout! Training for Warriors Portland

Great results in terms of both fat-loss and fitness don't come from LIVING in the gym, they come from living your life well.  

I don't have my clients doing a ton of sitting around while training with me.  They do great supersets and mini-circuits that are designed to accomplish different things.

This is a quick circuit I got from THE Charles Poliquin many years ago. It's a great time saver and I use it to get comprehensive training on a specific muscle group.  I break the rules of training here and work the same muscle over with quick secession, but I am targeting different muscle FIBERS in each exercise.

 Textbook OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology. Date18 May 2016 Source:  https://cnx.org/contents/FPtK1zmh@8.25:fEI3C8Ot@10/Preface  Author: OpenStax

 Textbook OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology. Date18 May 2016 Source: https://cnx.org/contents/FPtK1zmh@8.25:fEI3C8Ot@10/Preface Author: OpenStax


 Specifically, I target the Explosive Type IIB, the Strong TYPE IIA, and then finally the long-term strength of type I fibers.  Each type has a load that works best, and the format is Heavy-Medium-Light.  

You can see a video of me doing a sample set at our personal training temple.  This setup is great for a volume phase of a program and can be modified for so many workouts.  Here is one of my awesome clients, demonstrating his actual workout!

Here are some other Tri-Sets that work well together:

  • Squats 6/Walking Lunges 12/ Calf Raises 24

  • Bent Row 6/Lat Pull Downs 12/ Reverse Fly 24

Mix and match, you could even do your whole body in one day as long as your give yourself about 72 hours to recover.  Ask any of my clients, you will be quite torched afterward!

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