The Slight Edge. Get it! Training for Warriors Portland

The book "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olsen is a quick read that illustrates the value of brushing your teeth, compounding interest and various other things that accumulate value in your life over time.  A little exercise, a little discipline, a little victory each and every day.  

Not very dramatic, but the principles provide serious results over time. Kind of how we work here at TFW Portland!

One of my clients said quite casually to me this very day that "Instead of recovering from what I did over the weekend I could be gaining momentum towards my goals on Monday".  Profound statement!  

Get momentum! 

Get momentum! 


As I sometimes say analogously, if your reward for stacking laying three bricks is to knock two of them down, your house will be built very slowly.  Chances are, a better reward system will do you a lot of good.

The process of deciding on a larger goal and accomplishing many small goals between there and here is simple, subtle, and profoundly effective.  In order to get things moving in your life (fitness or anything, really), simply commit to tracking your progress towards a series of small goals.  It is challenging to realize that your strength lies in your ability to stay focused and committed to such small things, but it's how all of the winners stay on course (whether they know it or not).

So set a small goal... 5 lbs and 1% body fat in 30 days.  Monitor your diet compliance, your exercise and your success as you navigate and you will observe greater mindfulness and focus due to the specificity of your project at hand!

I wouldn't do it if I didn't believe in it a hundred percent.  Try it for 30 days and you'll be amazed as well!