Grand Theft Auto vision- GET IT! Training for Warriors Portland

When I was growing up, my parents told me "no" quite a bit. If I wanted a video game, a brand-name backpack or to go to Chucky-Cheese, my parents were quick to tell me that what I wanted was out of reach, usually due to finances. The mantra that I received from them was "We can't afford that."

Turns out I'm highly influence-able, or "coachable" as I like to call it. When teachers asked me if I was going out for sports or doing any extracurricular activities, I would ask how much it cost. If the answer was anything at all, I would say that I couldn't afford it.

Looking at my checking account over the years, money was sort of an easy-access excuse to not do anything. I brought it with me everywhere, even where it didn't belong. Instead of problem-solving steps like borrowing things (tents or recreational gear) or finding a work-around, I resigned myself to not be able to participate. Worse, I put this paradigm on everyone around me and when it came time to talk about business I would assume my potential clients had this same mentality: unable to commit anything to themselves.

The highly coachable will always prevail, however.

I was reading a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad and found a snippet from Robert Kiyosaki that most would dismiss as a platitude. "Instead of saying to myself, I can't afford this (thereby letting yourself off the hook for not taking advantage of an opportunity), I would ask how can I afford this?" Just by changing a couple words, the situation goes from distress to eustress. From beyond your control to IN your control and something magical happens. Your infinitely powerful mind will try to answer the question you have asked.

My mind has come up with so many answers over the years that I am sometimes impressed with my capacity. I've come up with ways to cut my spending, to earn more money, to trade things/services, and everything in between to make things happen that I really care about.

I recently told a friend that I've gone from a scarcity mentality to a Grand Theft Auto mentality.

Allow me to explain.

Scarcity implies that there are not enough resources for everyone (including and perhaps especially you) to get what you want (love, success, house, 500lb bench press-whatever it is). This leads people to curb their efforts and ambition, and generally cling to comfort zones as though there is no other alternative.

In the video game Grand Theft Auto, the player progresses through a fictional world that is very very similar to our own world. The story line gets the main character embroiled in more and more dangerous scenarios with wildly impossible odds and missions. Invariably, players are asked to find and steal fantastic objects like sports cars, classic cars, even helicopters and fighter jets.

The one thing that you know in every scenario is that what you need to win EXISTS. It may not be easy, or even plausible, but it exists and you CAN find what you need.


I feel that way about our own real world.

Coach Josh lets you in on his Grand Theft Auto vision.


Having Grand Theft Auto (GTA) mentality means that once I know what will make my life better, I'll do whatever must be done to go out and acquire the resources I need. Should I need $3000 and a week to go take a course that will help me serve my clients, I'll figure out how to come up with the time and the money. If I need to study course material for 100 hours to learn a new method of training, I'll make the time. If you need a Caffeine-Blue 1969 Oldsmobile 442, in order to help me fulfill MY dream, I'll be right back.

Nothing will keep me from winning.

It may take me more than one attempt; perhaps I'll have to try a few things that don't work first but I'll keep trying until I get it.

I apply the GTA mentality to everything I do and want. If I want it, I must be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. I'll follow the program, I'll make the phone calls, I'll eat the broccoli, I'll study the material, I'll un-friend the losers, I'll wake up early, I'll do the things that seem hard because it's the fastest way to get what I really want.

If you are ready for a change, try asking a different set of questions about your dream vacation, your dream job, your ideal body, or whatever you have a burning desire for. You may find that your mind already has a decent blueprint on how to get you there... if you are willing to do the things.

Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland, helping YOU bring out the warrior within.