How to succeed every single time


If you want to create positive change in your life, start today and don't deviate.

Start doing! TFW Portland

Start doing! TFW Portland


This is a simple throw away idiom that can easily be dismissed as a platitude.  However, when I first heard this, the compelling question in my head was: why not start today?  The answer to this question when it comes to behavior change is almost always a bullshit answer.  Think about it. Or better yet, remember yourself giving a bullshit answer to this very question.

Why not start your diet today?  Because there is a birthday party coming up and I don't want to sweat my food choices.  Because that's what's makes a good party.  The cake.  No judgment here, I've said nearly the exact same thing when I asked myself the next question.

Why not give up drinking for a month?  Because it's almost the weekend.  I want to enjoy another weekend.  How about you enjoy the rest of your life AFTER the intense part of your IF protocol ends?

Why not start today?  Answers besides "Yes, I will start reaping the benefits of X today" are mostly bullshit.  You're not talking about breaking ground on construction project that requires months of planning.  You're not marrying someone on a moment's notice (unless you're crazy or scamming the government out of a green-card).

You're simply deciding today that something simple is under your control and the benefits outweigh the costs.  Typically, these types of decisions have no material cost and in fact save you money.

  • Brushing and flossing
  • Working out/running
  • Going to bed and sleeping at least 7 hours
  • Waking up at a decent hour
  • Grocery shopping and cooking meals so you have healthy food at your disposal when it is TIME to eat (as opposed to waiting till your body says its time and being at the disposal of your out-of-balance hormones)
  • Keeping your alcohol intake low. 
  • Keeping your exposure to crabs and Negative Nancys low  
  • Living a life of gratitude

Making decisions like these will get you more vitality, more happiness, more love, more freedom, more cashflow, six-pack abs and more.  They are pretty darn cheap and often save you money.

Start Today, don't deviate.  You don't need a personal trainer to tell you.  But I just did.

So why not?