Mindfulness in Eating. Training for Warriors Portland

When it comes to fat loss, leaning up or even adding healthy weight to your frame, your nutrition choices are critical. Eating enough of the right foods at the right times propels you towards your goal. An eye opening experience and probably the most consistently beneficial habit for your health is keeping a journal. "What gets measured gets managed" is an old business creed, and I've seen it remarkably effective in helping individuals lose belly fat.

Why log your food?!

The reason that keeping a log works so well is does many things for you. It keeps your head present (on a daily basis) about what you're actually eating. You can observe your daily choices against your plan, which will demonstrate to you how well you are adhering to own program. If you notice a presence of packaged foods, or fried foods, or soy or anything that doesn't gel with the body and person you are becoming, you can ask yourself a few questions. Examine the process of preparation or food choices. If I am eating out of a coffee shop or vending machine, I'll ask these questions:

  • Did I forget my good food at home?
  • Did I make good food the night before?
  • Did I make enough food this week?
Ask some questions about your eating habits and food choices. Training for Warriors Portland

Ask some questions about your eating habits and food choices. Training for Warriors Portland


Other helpful questions to consider:

  • Do I like the food I am making? In my experience, the healthiest thing in the world will be tossed in the trash if it tastes like shoe leather.
  • Does the food I am eating make me feel good? If you feel exhausted after you eat, chances are you may be eating the wrong ratios or just poor food choices in general.

Give yourself a grade, A, B, or C.

A means you are right on task, with choices in line with your program.

B means you had some slip ups in the last 24-48 hours or you just missed a meal or two because life happened.

C means you're neither compliant with your desired food choices nor are you eating on a schedule. Basically, you're a rudderless ship.

I prefer to use myfitnesspal.com because it has an easy to use phone app. Myplate from livestrong.com is also a great tracking tool. These sites will calculate your fat, protein and carbs for you. You'll have to ask your own questions and adjust your food choices to test out what keeps you on track. Uunless you're a client, in which case I'll harass you directly! :D

It starts with awareness!

The point of the entire exercise here is not to eat perfectly, but to bring mindfulness into the choices you make, each and every day of the week. There is no reason to binge on fitness or binge on healthy eating only to fall back into old habits in a week or two. Just take a look at what you're doing each and every day and observe the results you're creating. I measure monthly and make adjustments based on the evidence. You can progress quite quickly if you take the winners' strategy: start today and don't deviate.

Coach Josh here, helping you bring out the warrior within.