Please don't be perfect

The reason I train myself and my personal training clients so hard is because we are constantly in search of progress. Fat loss, strength gains, increased energy or however we are measuring success, those are going to come from hard work and dedication. I sleep with purpose, I eat with purpose, and that is to improve my life on a daily basis.

Improvement is just access to more focus, more energy and strength when I want it. The intention behind training and recovery is not to be strictly monastic in discipline (no offense to the monks who read this blog). It is not to be a perfect eater, have a perfect body or to be beyond reproach when it comes to personal habits. It sounds funny to remind ourselves that we're not bad people for eating donuts or missing a workout. The program works best when you stick to it, but no one is broken by an action. In fact, the 90% solution is superior to 100% compliance in many ways. If you are investing in your body with good clean food and challenging workouts, there must be days in calendar scheduled for going a little off the plan.

Overeating once in a while, having a few drinks or getting some pizza should be viewed not as a guilty pleasure but as a necessity for keeping your body sensitive to certain hormones, to keep your brain fresh and to most importantly add a flavor to your life that isn't necessarily for your own good. It's a strong person that is able to drive themselves to lose weight, build muscle and control their habits. Don't forget to be open minded in the pursuit of your objectives! The 10% you don't plan on can add a great deal of fun, and make the 90% of the time you're on your routine all the more valuable in the long run.