Take the brakes off (REPOSTED from 2014)

My entire life has been a game of my mind trying to trick me into staying the same.

Whenever I would start a new training program, my mind would tell me why it wasn't a good time to start. Things like "if your diet isn't dialed, then how are you going to get results from this program?" That's what my mind would tell me, which would put off starting for another day (month, year, whatever).

The illusion of "knowing" kept me from doing a lot of things that has made my life better. When I was broke and wanted to start working full time as a personal trainer, my mind would tell me that I would fail and not make any money. What's the worst that could happen? Another month of paying my rent with my credit card?

I decided to start strength training a month or two ago and my mind had all kinds of objections. Silly objections and what ifs that haven't come up and likely never will. In fact, most of the BRAKES in my life have been like that. Objections that are 99% non-operative. Most likely not to come to pass and if they did they would be resolvable in one way or another.

If you're smart, the objections sound smart (you'll get hurt, you'll lose money, you need to do more research).

If you're smarter than that, the objections are spiritual (you're not ready, its not TIME, this is not what you REALLY want).

Even now, I have the desire to turn around and run. To give up and to quit. To stop challenging the dark of uncertainty and run backwards to where I came from and go back to familiarity and mediocrity.

The brakes are objections with no real substance. The consequences that at worst will leave you right where you are today and at best take you towards whatever it is you're afraid of (love, money, losing/winning).

I'm constantly in the process of taking the brakes off and 2014 will be the craziest ride yet!