Here is an epiphany that I had while training a client yesterday morning here in Portland.  I'll paint you a picture:

You're at a small but classy hole in the wall bar in the pearl district.  You've picked this spot because it's convenient for you, give or take, and there's character to the establishment.  Modern and slightly minimalist, the place has class without being overstated.  The staff is professional and cordial, politely engaging in light banter but mostly allowing the patrons to enjoy themselves.  The bartenders are quite crafty, and the selection of spirits isn't expansive but they have top and bottom-shelf options, and a well-made martini is a well-made martini.

Somebody comes in to the establishment with shiny shoes and shirt with a mighty large collar.  They belly up to the bar as you sip your martini and they order a Vodka Red Bull.

This drink doesn't belong.  It's not because we're not used to stimulants in our society and it certainly isn't because vodka is unwelcome.  The combination of the two is an attempt to create an effect that the patron hopes to feel (whether it's good for them or not).  Bars that serve Vodka Red Bulls regularly are still bars; they just cater to a different kind of consumer.

C'mon, you can do better than this...

C'mon, you can do better than this...

That's crossfit.  The Red Bull and Vodka of the fitness industry.  It doesn't take a great coach to read the workouts off the wall and blow a whistle (even though there are many great Crossfit Coaches out there).  The specificity and individualization of the program is out the window, even though the exercises (when performed well) are used by strength coaches the world over.  It's not the ingredients, it’s the delivery of them.

And consumers range from people obsessed with the rush of adrenaline to those who just aren't that in tune with what their body is telling them.  You can do really well in crossfit, of course.  If you don't mind puking, dizziness and the occasional injury that sidelines you for 6 weeks, crossfit may very well be your game.

If you want something else-- something refreshing, tasty and slightly classier that also has vodka in it, I might suggest a martini.

…much better!

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