You're doing it wrong?!

"So I've been doing it ALL wrong," my friend Robert remarked as we worked out together during his brief vacation from his Teach for America job.

I enjoy working out with my friends as a way to catch up and get some much needed work done on ourselves. Today we were doing an upper body-focused workout with 4 basic movements. They were split into two super-sets. It's an easy way to maximize rest and work for basic strength training.

"I've been doing all pushing one day and pulling the next. I'm doing it all wrong!" he lamented. I thought it was funny because Rob is a self disciplined guy and takes great care of himself. He's in great shape! His lifting strategy was totally fine but because it wasn't the protocol that an authority figure had personally espoused it was, "All wrong."

In the context of training and nutrition, very few things are "wrong". Many things are misused, mislabeled, and misinterpreted, but rarely are things totally wrong. In the world of conditioning, wrong is anything that injures you or produces no tangible results. In the world of nutrition, wrong makes you sick or dangerously skinny or adds unnecessary fat to your body. Most training protocols have value. Most of general dietary guidance like eat fresh veggies and whole foods is darn good advice. The only diet that is wrong is the one that makes you sick or you don't learn to enjoy.

If you're working out and eating well, it's probably not "wrong". If you're in pain and overweight, then regardless of how "healthy" you are eating, it's probably not right for you. 

Don't stop yourself from moving forward even if you have imperfect information. You'll never regret doing your best.

Yours in Health!