Defining patience

Patience is so much more than just waiting!

I want to talk about patience using a boxing analogy. Let's say that you're a counter puncher. In boxing  a counter puncher's whole strategy is to time punches that are incoming from the other fighter. So your whole strategy is dependent on you taking punches. Sounds great, right?

Well, when you're going through your fight (or life), you're going to be getting hit all the time, and it's really easy to get tired of it. It's easy to get upset, angry, to lose focus, and to forget about the plan. Which is to counter strike! But patience is how you persevere, it's how you win. Even though you get punched dozens (maybe hundreds) of times in a particular fight. But the boxer that is patient will end up winning. Why? Because they stick to the plan.

Myth: The Straight Line of Success

This applies to your everyday life and the path to achieving your goals. For example, take the straight line of success. We all know this is a myth, right? You start, you do a bunch of hard work, it takes a bunch of time - and boom - you’re successful.

However, we know that's not true.

It's more like a squiggly line full of trials and tribulations and failure. And then you eventually get to your goal... or in a perfect world you do.


   The actual path of success!


The actual path of success!


Patience is that time that you spend trying and failing... and getting punched in the face over and over again. It's the time you remember the plan, even when you don't see progress. Patience is not about just waiting for what you want, or being okay with not getting it. It's not about just being okay with not having the money or the job you wanted or the degree or the relationship. When you set a goal, you already don't have what you want. Deciding it will be too hard or take too long and choosing a new goal isn't patience. That's complacency.

Patience is you having faith in the plan, knowing  it's going to work, and playing to your strengths.

This all requires self-awareness, and you've got to know that the goal's right for you. So you've got to have a good internal compass along the way. And of course, you have to have a really good plan.

But patience... patience is the nasty stuff in the middle. You'd better have it... or get it!