Get clarity by determining your limiting factors

Hey, Coach Josh here from TFW PDX and I want to tell you about a little concept I learned recently about clarity.

A lot of you may know I recently started  my own business. I opened up a gym and I was so excited! I was working on the part of my life that I thought had the most room to grow, my career-- my financial and professional life.

I spent a lot of focus and energy on my career, except I became so excited that I became sort of myopic and ONLY focused on my work. I was neglecting my relationships and social... and I was also neglecting my physical health, which you might find ironic because I'm a coach and a trainer. I understand the importance of vitality and physicality and everything that we do. Also, I love working out.

My life started to suffer and I started to do a lot of backsliding.

In fact, I became so fatigued from working so much that:

A. I wasn't able to do a great job at work

B. I also wasn't much of a great friend or support to my social network

At the time, I thought my limiting factor was my career, but in fact, it was my vitality. After having that shown to me time and time again, I got CLARITY.

My mentor Martin Rooney once told me, "Clarity gives you power". I'm going to say that one more time.


Because when it's really clear what you need to do, when it's so crystal clear what the biggest obstacle/limiting factor is, you are able to focus on that thing. Then when you are able to break loose or fix that issue, it changes everything.

So what did I do?

Hired a coach. THANK YOU, HEIDI!

I hired Heidi Go Seek, one of the best strength coaches I know. She got me off my butt, taught me a lot, started motivating me and got me excited about working out again.  I became really invigorated in my physical world once more. and what happened?

I had more energy to put into my social life, I was able to be there more for my friends and my personal relationships. Obviously, my career started to move forward as well. Everything rises together. That can happen when you're working on your TRUE limiting factor. For you, it could be starting a new job and you are overwhelmed at the office and you need to spend more time studying. Or maybe you're hanging around the wrong crowd... I don't know.

I don't know what your own personal limiting factor is, but I do know that when you find that variable, you have clarity. And that clarity gives you great power.

Hope you got something from that lesson and I hope to help YOU bring out the warrior within!