How fitness saved my life

As a veteran, I struggled with my path upon returning to civilian life. The organization, Lift for the 22, helps vets by providing a healthy path to fitness

This is Coach Josh from Training for Warriors Portland and I’m here to talk about how fitness saved MY life. 

I was a young vet returning from Afghanistan in 2006. I came home to Portland to go to school, get a job... and I accomplished those things. Even though I had these objectives about improving myself, taking care of myself and getting to a new career, I didn’t have a mission or a real deep purpose. So I floundered and struggled for a bit when I got back. I think that is something a lot of young people can relate to. 

As I was going through my education process, I found myself spending a lot of time at the bar drinking and hanging out a lot later than I should have. Even though I liked working out, I wasn’t really committed. One day, a friend of mine asked if I would meet him at the gym at 6am to start a workout routine. I committed to that, knowing that once I said I was going to do something, I was going to do it.

That commitment was the genesis of a big turnaround. 

At first, I tried to do both. I would stay out late and party... AND get up bright and early to go work out with my friend. What I found was (do the math): you can’t stay up till drinking till 2 or 3am everyday, if you’re going to be at the gym at 6am the next day. Over time, I started to scale back the intensity and stopped burning the candle at both ends. That really became the cornerstone of a life that I was building for myself around fitness, and taking care of me as a person. 

Fitness was a huge gateway for me to integrate into civilian life... and to integrate well. The organization Lift for the 22 is trying to provide that gateway and that access to veterans all over America. We’re going to do a fundraiser here at Training for Warriors and I want to invite YOU to:

1. Participate in the #22kill challenge. Do your 22 pushups for 22 days, in order to keep the conversation going about veterans and their physical and mental heath.

2. Click the link below and join us for our fundraising workout here on November 5th, 2016! We’re going to have a great time, we’re going to raise some funds and we’re going to promote Lift for the 22 and give them more resources for the work they do to change veterans’ lives everywhere.

NOW, I’m going knock out my 22 pushups and I invite you to do the same!

Sign up here for Lift for the 22 charity workout

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