Implement "as if" behaviors in order to reach your goals!

The "as-if" mentality gets you to the things you want in your life. Whether it’s more confidence, more success or better health, start modeling the behavior you want. Once you act that way for a while, you start to feel those feelings and become that person/have those things. That’s always been true for me, but I want to give you more tools.

First, I want to give you an analogy. This is something I’ve been saying a lot to my friends in my life. Everybody wants the golden egg but nobody wants to feed the goose.


Everybody wants the good stuff like health, wealth, wisdom, etc... but people are slow to act to DO the things needed to keep the golden goose alive.

In this analogy, you’re the golden goose.  You’re the person that can give yourself all the things that you want. Through that slow process of self care and managing your energy and life, you can make your way to these places. 

Luckily, we have a lot of help. Resources like the Tim Ferris podcast and books like Manage Your Day to Day are able to break down those habits. You can see the habits of the most successful, creative, vital, impactful people in our time. Their habits are broken down and made public, and YOU can start to model them.

A few years ago, I got to observe a great model. I was at a powerlifting meet and got to watch one of my idols, Chris Duffin squat 4 times his body weight. It was super exciting-- really amazing and I was very inspired! Almost immediately I asked myself, "What can I do to start creating a body that was that powerful and that strong"? So, I’m going to break down the process of identifying some habits to model. In this specific case, it’s a powerful body. I start by getting into the details about what it takes to have that physicality. People who are in that kind of elite level shape have the following:


  • Train 5 x a week on a very balanced and optimum strength conditioning program 
  • Sleep at least 7 hours a night (that’s a lot for me so I wrote down 7, because thats what I’m willing to commit!)
  • Simple healing foods (I have access to that, living in Portland, a food mecca)
  • Soft tissue work
  • Mobility work 
  • Hydrate 
  • Supplement with simple things like creatine
  • Maintain nutrition plan 
  • Books & coaching: there are a lot resources available that go into detail about all these points

There's a lot more than these but i’m giving you the big ones. When you drive a little deeper, it doesn’t cost much more than time. Worried about cost?

If you’ve got a gym membership or have access to a gym, you can get those extra workouts without paying more money. It just takes a little bit more energy.

Sleep- obviously that’s free.

Eating simple healing foods saves you money because then you’re not spending money on junk and eating out.

Soft tissue work- just google self myofascial release and you can figure out how to do that on yourself. Mobility work, same thing. Just do a bit of research. Kelly Starrett's Mobility Workout of the Day website is great stuff you can execute.

Water is free, luckily we live in America.

Creatine, that’s a cheap supplement that works. 

Nutrition planning- once I created a plan, that started saving me more money because now I’m pre-planning and making meals in advance. They’re what I need, I feel great AND I’m not spending money on eating out or junk food or ice cream.

OKAYYY... maybe a little bit of ice cream but not too much!

I started saving time and money when I started to live this way (body habits). And I was happier once I got on the path. Obviously, I’m a long way from being able to squat 4x my body weight (MAD RESPECT, CHRIS) but I’m on the path. To speed up my progress, I can do more research, even hire a coach and that will help to where I want to go.

Break down the habits one at a time, and take them on one at a time. We’ve got the internet and in the tech age, we can all act "as if". We CAN feed that golden goose to get the good stuff. The habit that I would like to instill in you is the mantra of if it is going to be, it’s up to me. And I know you can do it!

Okay guys, act "as if" and I’ll be giving you as much as i can to help YOU bring out the warrior within.