There is no perfect plan for you.

No magic bullet. No contact or contract that you can make that will finally, FINALLY, ignite your long dormant passion and set you ablaze. That's good news if you were waiting for something or someone magic. Now you can FINALLY stop waiting and BECOME that person.

The person you were meant to be isn't turned on in the light of a yellow sun, a la Kal-El. Your greatest self is forged over months and years of becoming active in the process of creating what you were meant to create. Waking up earlier, reading 20 pages of inspiring material, exercising 4-5 days per week, going to bed earlier, limiting conversation with your crabby, battery draining friends to no more than 15 minutes per week, separating yourself from generation "why" and aligning yourself with generation "why not". This is a process!

Fall in love with the process, not just the end result.

Fall in love with the process, not just the end result.


Your strongest self is a person who falls in love with this process.

This is because the process=happiness. Epictetus, a wise stoic, wrote long ago that the environment does not make one happy or unhappy, but one's perception certainly does. Thus, as long as things continue to progress in each facet of life, the perception is that the best is yet to come. The process creates progress and of course progress=happiness. When you fall in love with waking up early, with eating broccoli, with hitting the iron and breaking a sweat and making friends... then you are winning. The process, the journey, is the greatest source of happiness that we have. How do you continue in the process? You just make a plan!

The plan is simply the structure you create to keep yourself from burning energy on something good instead of something great. A Manhattan is good (damn good), but waking up early and not missing your morning workout is great. A concert is good, but hosting a dinner party for your best friends that renew you, make your soul smile and inspire your curiosity, that is great. Whether it is a better body, saving more money (or earning more money), the plan is the structure that facilitates this process. A diet is a plan, and the cooking and eating you do on the plan, is the process. Enjoy the cooking and eating, and you'll enjoy the process.

A good plan keeps you from attempting to do everything at once. This is why following a plan is hard and planning for other people is easy. You may have heard friends talk about creating a website for their art, traveling about the country, or starting a business... when their first priority should probably be getting a job and paying the fucking rent. Easy for you to say, you can see the difference between what they want and what they need!

The power of having a coach or a mentor is that they can clearly see your current issues and goals. This allows them to create a simple plan for you to follow to get to the next step. Not the END, just the next fucking step. This is why trainers can never write their own programs because they have trouble organizing their goals inordinate. Just like all humans, we want everything and we want it now. Only the most contemplative of trainers can design their own programs objectively (read: I definitely cannot).

The take away is: create a plan. Doesn't need to be THE plan. Just a plan that allows you to find progress.

If you are having a hard time, find a coach!