The best Monday of the year: FOCUS AND GOALS!

"A goal is not always meant to achieved, sometimes it serves only as something to aim for" Bruce Lee (with questionable paraphrasing)

I am a habitual goal setter and of course, correct-er. I love the idea of Jan 1 because it's the ultimate Monday. The slate is completely clean for the year to come... the sky is literally the limit.

My strategy for focus, revolves around 3 big steps:

#1) Write a gratitude letter for the good things that have happened to me this past year. This puts me in a positive place, and reminds me of what to focus on that ACTUALLY makes me happy.

#2) Pick some badass outcome goals. For example:

  • Earn 96K in personal income (based on my desire to educate myself, save money, invest in my health and mind with good food)
  • Grow my gym to 175 members (Almost to 50 now!)
  • Squat 550/Deadlift 550/ Bench 315 (this is ambitious)
  • Sustain 12% Bodyfat (this is all about consistency)
  • Give Away 10% of my income-starting today (this is a big mindset shift. I'm not too poor to contribute, I just have to set aside time/money each month)
  • Enroll in 3 mentorship programs for myself (I have a lot to learn!)

This is the scary/fun part. It's scary for people like me who have a high degree of commitment, yet are low in belief. It's fun because when you're in a good headspace, it seems like you can have whatever you want in the world.

When I talk about commitment, I don't mean in terms of time or money. I'm talking about focus. The ability to place attention on ONE idea. Some examples are serving two masters. If you want to lose weight but don't want to engage with nutrition (or follow a plan) you may not be committed to anything with enough effect to change your body or life.

Other people in the low commitment category often try and serve too many masters (agendas). An example is someone on an elimination diet (to manage inflammation or auto-immune issues) who is also trying to gain weight. Tough spot to be in, as the program may have competing interests.

Low belief?

In this context, I define "low belief" as having a low trust with the process. This can include not understanding the "why" behind what you're doing. This can also mean following plan that is too strict, or too advanced to execute consistently. The best program in the world will not work, if you will not strictly abide by it.

The most common low belief customer I face (me) is plagued with self-doubt. Low belief stemming from this false notion that the past is the same as the future, and that current activities do not significantly impact outcomes. Zig Ziglar calls this "stinkin' thinkin" and I think he nailed it.

You gotta believe


How do you conquer low belief/low commitment?

I'LL TELL YOU HOW. You do this by applying step 3.

# 3) Set Process Goals. These are the habits that create the outcome. Once you have set the inspiring outcome goal, you work backwards to create the process goals.

  • Strength training 3Xper week
  • Skill/Speed Development 2X per week
  • Batch cook 2X per week
  • Study 30 minutes each day
  • Mediate 20 minutes each day
  • Sleep 7h15m each day
  • Drink 80oz of water each day
  • Supplement appropriately for goals

This physical/mental care plan is very high commitment (hell, this IS my job). The way that I mitigate the low belief is simple.

I fall in love with the process.

I learn to love lifting heavy.

I learn to love sprinting.

I learn to love letting go of the day and going to bed.

The PROCESS is really important. It's more important than the goal, because you'll spend the rest of your life in the process. If you don't love the process, you'll be miserable on the journey.

And LIFE... is the journey.