When you are ready to quit, read this:

Some days you don't have the heart for weights, but you can take steps to get there!


Some days, I wake up and my head weighs 1,000 lbs. The clock is ticking minutes away before someone is relying on me to take care of them. I miss breakfast, fight with my girlfriend, and fix a tire all before I get to begin working at 5:30AM. I show up and give 100% to the folks who come in to get 1% better. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed and be in tears by lunch when I read the mail and realize that I need to come up with an extra $5,000 to meet my obligations. Sometimes my journey asks more from me than I believe that I have. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

When I'm faced with something uncomfortable or painful, I have 5 strategies for moving from pain to action:

Take action to get out of a dark place


1. I ask if this situation (sore body, sprained ankle, eating rice and beans, taking risks that mean I could let down myself or other people) is painful enough to justify giving up. "Is this worth letting go of who I want to become?" 100% of the time, the answer has been no.

2. I write out my goals from top to bottom. I do this to get refocused on what I am working for and remember where my priorities are, so that I am not distracted by what other people want for me.

3. I write one (just one!) gratitude message to someone who has shown up for me in my life. I borrow from the joy and strength that person has demonstrated. Just start writing a thank you letter. If you can start, you can finish it and break the spell of negative thinking that weighs you down!

4. I write out my to do list (if it isn't already written). Seeing the next few things on my mind usually gets me started on visualizing the next action steps. If you can visualize yourself doing something, it is 80% done. True story.

5. I seek out positive people, even if it is through text or facebook. I try to connect with people that are inspiring and amazing. The theory has held true in my life, that I am the average of my 5 closest friends. If you hang out with 5 positive people, you will become the 6th. Hang out with the strong, the healthy, the loving, the wealthy, the joyous and the generous. You WILL become the 6th.

6. Don't skip the meals, the workout, or the sleep. If you have those 3, you have a whole lot.

By the time I get through a few of these steps, I begin to feel better.

No matter how long it takes, you gotta keep watering that bamboo. Hustle and belief are all that you need to succeed. Just keep working, keep moving, keep believing.

Soon enough, you won't feel like a victim. You'll feel like the boss you are by taking charge of your mind, your energy and your focus. You can put them where they need to be!