Where is your compass pointing? TFW Portland


"Focus is making the most important thing, the most important thing." - Martin Rooney

"Instead of an arbitrary target, I prefer to have a direction in which I travel. If you’re searching for a sunrise, it’s important to be headed east; for a sunset, west." - Joshua Fields Millburn, www.theminimalists.com

Since we are on a path towards something great, and each of us has vastly different objectives, obstacles and our own unique starting point, I humbly submit that what we need is a compass. A compass constructed with principles, pointing to our own personal north star.

Use your compass to get to where you want to go!

Use your compass to get to where you want to go!

Along the way you will set benchmarks.

A 500lb squat. Your 1st 5K. Dropping 5% bodyfat and no longer suffering from the symptoms of diabetes. Each achievement has its own unique success and rewards. Each success should be honored and celebrated.

Yet, our internal motivation will continue to point, like a compass, towards more inspiring territory, more dangerous terrain and yes... even more rewarding opportunities. Perhaps you will go from a couch to 5k to triathlete to a running coach.

"If you are currently alive, then you have not yet reached your full potential." - Zig Ziglar

To support you along the way, we measure where you are and keep you focused on where you want to go. We take a look at how you are performing in and out of the gym in Portland, what your results are, and how you can achieve even more success. In order to make you aware of what is coming ahead and how it impacts you, we are going to release our focus points for every month. We test what the program does to your body and how it helps you be a better athlete, partner and friend.

As March comes to a close, we are testing out our Front Squat 1RM and Chin Ups to see how much upper and lower body strength we've gained over the last 30 days. The next 30 days are going to see us getting back to the floor- and lifting ungodly amounts of weight off it. We're also getting focused on deadlifts. A staple of strength training, which uses just about all of the important prime movers in the body (see above for deadlift target areas). This bad boy gets the nervous system fired up like a forest in a lightning storm. Deadlifts will make you run faster, jump higher, stabilize your spine, train your abs and generally crush life.

The upper body focus of the month is the pushup!

We're going to PUSH you on relative/bodyweight strength this month. While we work on the upper body, we're going to bring special attention to shoulder stability. The harder you push, the more important it becomes to pull (and ideal ratio is 3:2 Pull:push) in order to balance  out our forward-dominate lifestyles.

What we focus on, we will bring more of into our lives.

This month, I want you to focus on choosing just one habit to bring into your life, and one habit to let go of. This choose one/lose one method is a simple way to consistently take steps forward in your health, wealth and personal relationships. We are creating a chalkboard in the gym to track everyone's habits and which ones they are saying goodbye to. I want everyone to help each other out and keep each other steady while they may otherwise struggle.

Goals are important... but the compass (that helps you follow your own goals with a sound heart and mind) is way more valuable than freaking out or getting stuck in the mud. Process goals and benchmarks keep your attention on what is important, your ACTIONS.

Here are your big takeaways:

  • Set your compass towards your North Star
  • Set behavior goals and benchmarks along the way to keep on course and focus your attention
  • Deadlift
  • Measure your progress and keep perspective!
  • Choose one habit to lose and one habit to gain-then make it public!