Coach Josh, how long do you work with students?

I want to answer a question I get from time to time:

"How long do you work with students/individuals?” 

Coach Josh, doing the thing!

Coach Josh, doing the thing!


This is a great question. The answer is: it depends on your goals. The question I respond with is: “How long do you want to make progress in your vitality/body?” 

For example, it might take 6 months or a year to lose 40, 50, 60 lbs. Or if you want to be a nationally ranked powerlifter, it might take a little bit of time. So, it really depends on the goals you are trying to achieve. Many people (myself included), grow and achieve our goals, and then we just end up setting more goals!

If you’re on the path of progress and adding to your vitality, energy, and physicality, then you’re probably a good student for me. And I’d be motivated to excel as your coach. The additional piece to that is, I’m always growing and adding to my skill set and my body and physical practice, which gives me a lot more room to grow to push a lot more people along their path. So, ask yourself:

  1. What are your goals?
  2. How long do you want to make progress?

I’m on board with you as long as you want to push yourself. You just need direction and desire.

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