Goal-setting! Your first step is self awareness

Coach Josh here from TFW PDX and I want to talk about one of my very favorite topics: goal setting.

If you know me, you know I like to do something special for the New Year. This time, we had a butt-kicking NYE workout/goal-setting class!

 Here's the first step to the goal-setting process/choosing a process. This will get you completely committed, which will get you all those things you want in 2017... and beyond. The thing I would have you examine first is your self awareness. And understanding a little more about where you are coming from. 

If you set a goal or you select a big fat hairy audacious objective...


it's not something that's centered in you and who you are (not who you think other people want you to be)


the "motivation" is not going to be as powerful.

You're going to be tired, if you're getting up at 5am to go for a run before the kids wake up... or if you take night classes and finish law school in the evening, after you get out of your regular job.

You will feel a little weak or disempowered at times. When those feelings and thoughts pop up AND you've selected a goal that's a little bit further away from who you are and what you really want, it's not going to feel authentic. It's not going to feel like you, and you're not going to be that excited to push through those feelings. And you're start going to let those feelings and thoughts affect your actions.

You're probably going to decide to hit the snooze button more, or skip class, or eat a donut instead of that broccoli. And after a while, that starts to seep into your identity. You "become" the person who takes the easy way out. Or you start to view yourself as quitter, or you start to think something's wrong with you, because you're not adhering to this process and these goals that ARE important and good. The goals just might not be good for YOU.

Set goals... but with self-awareness


Letting your feelings and thoughts guide your actions can start to have some negative consequences for who you think you are.

I would have you consider taking those same ideas and orienting them in a slightly different fashion. Start with identity/self awareness, specifically values and principles that you are committed too. Not mine or anyone else's, but yours. You'll start to have a real strong anchor or compass and you can decide where to go. And THEN you can act in accordance with who you are (not how you feel) and where it is that you want to go, deeply ingrained in you as a person.

This will help make you consistent.

 You will be a lot more consistent when your actions and identity are consistent-that's going to give you a tremendous amount of POWER. That clarity gives you power. Then you start taking those actions over and over again and HOLY CRAP! Your actions start to create feelings.

You start to engender feelings of confidence and authenticity and stubbornness and staying on goal with the path because you know it's right for you. Because you've triple confirmed it with who you are as a person. That gives you tremendous durability. You're going to be one of those people (when the weather gets cold or you lose your job) who doesn't forget that your goal was to first person in your family to graduate from college or to lose 60 lbs... or whatever it is you want to do. It's going to be within you and you're will be in a positive reinforcing cycle with those concepts.

Step 1: Setting a powerful goal and falling in love with the process. Get self aware, get solid on your purpose and your "why" and your values and principles that you're committed to as a person- that will make you so powerful and durable in years to come!

I'm going to post some links to articles that others have written, so you can get some different perspectives and get some ideas on how to get started.

Stay tuned for part 2, where we talk about falling in  love with that process.

To sum up: Identity (values and principles)--->Actions (in accordance with identity)--->Feelings

Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland, helping you bring out the warrior within!