Do You Spend Too Much Time On Decisions? Free Your Mind!

Hey, this is Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland with a top-secret super special version of my video rant at you. :D

This one is about structure and discipline. It's really interesting-- I've been talking to a lot of people lately about structure, habits, discipline and there's this sense that I'm gathering from many people that people are afraid to lose their freedom. They are afraid to adopt structure out of fear that they're gonna become these regimented people that are like automatons that can't make choices and decisions.

Too many decisions to make?


Au contraire! I would argue that fewer choices actually set you free to make more and better decisions. Let me explain.

Famously, Barack Obama chooses from two suits every week. He would wear the same suits every week. That's one less choice that he has to make, so he could make hundreds of other very important choices throughout the rest of his day. He's got a lot of decisions to make and he's trying not to go through decision fatigue. By pre-negotiating a decision before you get there, you're eliminating a decision tree from your day. That allows you to take on more important things. The structure you create actually lets you take on more things that require deeper emotional commitment and energy. That's how Barack Obama can function, or Steve Jobs... Steve Jobs ran Apple, where he could wear the same pair of pants every single day to work, but he did a lot of other things really well, too.

The structure you create should support your goals and habits:

  • Like deciding what you're gonna eat the day before, so you have all your meals planned out. 

  • Laying out your workout clothes the night before so you don't have to wake up in the morning and find them. 

  • Having your water bottle, having it set aside, having your supplements and all your pillbox... 

You're still accomplishing all of these habits, you're taking care of all the tactics, but you're not making decisions on them anymore. What you are doing is creating systems and streamlining your processes. You're still getting all the same things done, but you're not thinking about it. That's the magic. 

Someone asked me recently, "Josh, how do you get all this stuff done today?" 

I only made one decision. By the time it's noon, I've only had to make one decision today and that's when to shoot videos or whatever. So, pre-negotiate all of the decisions ahead of time... and then when you're faced with fires and problems and people in your life that actually need something from you, you have energy to give them. You won't be turned off, or zombified, because you will not be suffering from decision fatigue. 

The discipline creates energy, the structure saves you time, and you get back a little time and energy. You could become more productive, more capable, more free by implementing discipline.

Until next time, Coach Josh here, helping YOU bring out the warrior within.