5 big reasons why people frequently fail at fitness ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

One of the things that I get to do regularly is interview people about their habits, mindsets, and perceptions regarding their health and fitness.

In fact, when we start working with someone, one of the first questions that I ask them is, "What obstacles are going to come up for you when you commit to your health?" The answers are often honest, uncensored and unfiltered, and they mirror much of what I observe in folks who struggle. Which is all of us at some point in our training and nutrition!

What follows is a partial list of the most common fitness pitfalls, and how we address them here at Training for Warriors Portland.

1. Accountability

This is a deep topic, because the definition varies from person to person, and the structure of accountability is critical to the feeling of support we get from it. Our definition of accountability is: Bearing the natural consequences of your actions and decisions. This does not mean that if you miss a training session the coach is going to call you and blow up at you. However, it DOES mean you may get a text saying, "Is everything ok? We noticed you weren't in class."

Accountability means being seen by your community and your coaches while you achieve your goals, or not. Here at TFW, we hold people accountable through communication on our private group, contracts, and a large investment of love and encouragement that we fully expect you to use to fuel your success!

2. Laziness

This is one of the most common refrains of folks who walk through the door here at TFW Portland. I personally disagree with this label, because laziness to me implies Garfield, sitting in his bed until 4 PM, only leaving to eat lasagna and whack Odie. Garfield must have been depressed with all that sleeping he was doing...

Laziness is really a habit. Focusing your activity on the pleasant over the productive. You may have done "nothing" with your week, you watched 5 hours of the House of Cards and went to happy hour twice. You had time and energy, you were just DISTRACTED by the convenience of what you are in the habit of doing.

At TFW, we help keep you focused on your next step, your next habit, your next victory. Your focus will shift, which allows cultivating the partner-attribute to focus, which is DISCIPLINE.

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3. Lack of Information

This one is sometimes misleading. You could check out a library book on training if you wanted to learn the technique and form required (I know this because that's how I got started). While we are constantly refining form and technique, I don't think this is the real answer. I think that when people come to us for nutrition advice and training, it's not because the answers are not out there. I think that they come to us because of the certainty we bring with the information.

4. Getting demoralized due to setbacks

This is a tough one because setbacks are inevitable. Injuries, family issues, loss or transition of a job, means that sometimes fitness takes a back seat. Even worse, people get injured and have to take several steps back. It's normal to get discouraged, and every athlete (from the weekend warrior to the Olympic hopeful) will deal with setbacks. The severity of the setback is not so much determined by the scope of the event, but by the response of the warrior. If you choose to overcome your obstacles by any means necessary, then you will. Your focus, your willingness to re-learn, revitalize, and re-establish your momentum is the key factor to your setback becoming a setup for your comeback.

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5. "Am I in shape enough to train?"

This is a question that I hear in many people's voices when they call or write to me asking about fitness. It is similar to the feeling of being on one side of the river and hoping that you have enough energy to cross to the other side without drowning. While understandably intimidating, I would have you consider the fact that training by definition, is delivered to you at your level of fitness, TODAY. Only by training at the level you are at, does your body adapt to the next level. This allows demand to increase, thus increasing the adaptation, and thereby bringing you to the NEXT level. What's my point? That I have never met anybody who was not in shape enough to train!

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