Are you injured? Getting fitness results, in spite of your injuries.

I'm gonna talk to you today about an issue that will happen to all who have ambitious fitness goals... and that's injury.

What do you do AFTERWARD? I'm not referring to injury prevention, which is something we spend a lot of time working on here at Training for Warriors Portland, using safety, proper technique, with prehab workouts, and doing movement prep. 

I'm talking about injuries after they happen.

What do you do? How do you stay in shape while you're injured? It's probably a little bit more simple than you think. And the answer is: do what you can do.

Let's say you busted an ankle and you can't squat or lunge. Then hey, don't squat or lunge! Maybe try to get on an exercise bike or maybe you do hamstring curls. The big thing is to respect the movements that cause you pain and not actually ignoring them. Sometimes you have to test and move the tissue around a little bit, to restore that blood flow and some strength to the area. But with that, you have to respect the limitations that you have and you have to still use your body to the degree that you can use it. You gotta find a range of motion that's not painful. You gotta find movements that are more forgiving than others. You still have to move your body, even if that means moving the affected tissue or bone.

Injuries aren't fun, but do what you can and keep getting your hard earned results!

Injuries aren't fun, but do what you can and keep getting your hard earned results!


Another example: If you were to hurt your back, the initial thought one might have is not to not move your back at all. But, how would you even walk? The idea is to move your back in a safe way, which means trying out new things. Most importantly, you need to figure out what you can do without pain. When you do those things, you get to keep using your body, keep up some of the strength that you have. And you can still build up more. 

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If you have a broken arm, you can work on your lower body!
If you've got a broken ankle, you can still do a bench press. You can still train your upper body hard. You will probably use some modifications, but you're not gonna give up. You're gonna find a workaround. By doing what you can do, exercising in a creative way, and getting to that next spot with your body, you're developing resilience, patience, and persistence. 

And all of those things will help YOU bring out the warrior within.

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