How to discover your motivation!

Coach Josh here from Training for Warriors Portland and I want to share with you some secrets about motivation.

Specifically what your motivation is and how to find it. To start, what IS motivation?

According to the dictionary, it is: To supply motive. Well, what does that mean? A motive is a reason for doing something. Therefore, motivation is connecting you with the reason you are doing something. Here's the most interesting part about that. Only YOU can really know why, or care why you were doing something.

When it comes to public speaking and motivational speaking, there's lots of people who are labelled as motivational speakers; they're exciting, they fire you up, and they elevate your passion, and I think that this is how they get associated with the idea of motivation. Because when you're excited, and you're passionate, you're more willing to move towards the things that you love, and you're more aggressive about moving away the things that scare you.

In reality, there is a motivation or a reason for everything you do during the day. Sometimes you are driven by habit, momentum, maybe some things you did a long time ago and you just keep on doing. This may include the people you hang out with, and you may like them, love them, or hate them... but you get SOMETHING from it. There is something that motivates you. There is a motive for that action.

Motivation can be broken up into two categories:

1. Things you want to move away from, like pain or the fear of loss. The pain of being homeless causes a lot of people to work. Or hunger. One might say, "I don't wanna be hungry. I wanna move away from hunger towards abundance."

2. Pleasure, having greater impact in the world (or at work, home, etc...), greater responsibility, greater mastery, greater significance, greater love and connection. All these things are things that you CAN move toward. 

I found that in the long-term, getting really deep touch with these is the most sustainable piece to motivation. Because once you're hungry and you're no longer hungry, you lost that piece of your motivation, that thing that you're moving away from.

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If you're introspective, try this exercise! Whenever you do the exercise, you'll actually integrate some of the learning, and you become a little bit more... What I would say is, "Figure out what your motivations are for doing the things that you do." One way to start is to write out a list of activities that take a lot of time. I've done this exercise in the past and I've written down things like "drinking from 5:00 PM until 3:00 AM," and "Watching an entire season of Game of Thrones in 48 hours." Write down why, or what it is you do, and what you get from that... and then that's really your motivation. Spend some time with this exercise. Cultivate a relationship between you and the things that you love (and the things that you want to move towards) and you will find motivation is easier to find when you know what you're looking for. 

Motivation doesn't come from me.

It doesn't come from your coach yelling at you OR praising you. It comes from you knowing yourself and where you want to go. I always call this the "North Star". Try this, when you have an opportunity, as soon as you get near a pen and paper... Write down the things you're moving toward, and the things you're moving away from, and then you will understand what motivates you. And that is a powerful weapon in your arsenal.