Choosing strength and resilience over pain and fatigue. TFW Portland


Meet Warrior Skiier and animal lover Cheryl

Cheryl getting some sweet biceps here at TFW Portland


Cheryl is one of those "on the go" types of people. She works long hours at work, takes care of two dogs and two cats and enjoys cycling and skiing as frequently as possible. She enjoys being active, productive, and being challenged with her hands with multiple projects at once. Like so many Portlanders, Cheryl almost always prefers to get her workout OUTSIDE!

Pain and fatigue had become a constant companion to Cheryl

For years, she has battled fibromyalgia and its cousin, chronic fatigue syndrome. Cheryl would experience never-ending pain, constant trouble keeping her hours full time, and elusive sleep that was riddled with pain. She used to have difficulty reaching above her head to retrieve a glass from the cupboard!

Making exercise fun AND effective... BUT HOW?!

A friend of Cheryl's told her about a coach at Training for Warriors Portland who would scale training to meet her abilities. She discovered that exercising was more fun, rewarding and productive when the program was designed to meet her at her current level.

A well-crafted plan can get you started out right

Together, Cheryl and Coach Josh created a plan that was appropriate to the level of sensitivity her tissues had become used to. In particular, she had to be very careful with her neck and shoulders. With a few minor adjustments, Cheryl could begin building strength and muscle in her whole body without inflicting weeks worth of pain!

Taking action makes all the difference

Because Cheryl had already begun turning around her sleep habits, she was able to slowly reverse her condition over the course of a few years. She increasingly gained more energy, strength, resilience in her body when she was able to sleep, exercise, and recover appropriately.

Finding success in strength
By no means an overnight success story, Cheryl slowly took on more and more challenges. She conquered bodyweight training, light resistance bands, and light weights. Lately, she has even started tackling some barbell maneuvers like the deadlift! She has learned to trust her body and its ability to be strong, recover from exercise and recreation and learn new things!
Changing her mental and physical state allows Cheryl to live the life she wants

Instead of letting pain dictate her life, Cheryl decided to change the way that she responded to pain. Instead of viewing pain as a signal to stop moving, she switched gears and learned to view it as a signal to try a different path, a new approach, or a different exercise. She began to spend 32 days out of the year on the slopes! No small feat for any Warrior!