Your survival guide to holiday eating! TFW Portland

It's already begun. You may have already consumed a gallon of apple cider at your Halloween party, along with 4 pounds of candy corn. There's a possibility that you went back for thirds for Turkey Day. Oh yes, that time of year has arrived... the time when everyone wants to invite you to a gathering and SURROUND you with caramel, chocolate, and cake.

That's not even considering the creative cocktail situation!

Luckily, a warrior is resilient and prepared. Here at TFW Portland, we're not going to let you fail. Here are some simple ideas to keep you lean and mean through the holiday season.

1) Think "In Addition To"

Have a scoop of tasty brains IN ADDITION to your smoked chicken and roasted brussel sprouts. All too often, I see people eat a slice of chocolate cake at work, then skip dinner to maintain "calorie balance". The truth is, you still need nutrients to stay alive, not just calories. Keep to your normal routine of eating a couple servings of veggies with each meal and 20 grams of protein. You will feel like eating candy for dinner much less when you are nourished.

2) Have a flight

This one is really simple. A taste is a taste, and since you are confronted with so many "once a year foods" like eggnog and pumpkin spice lattes, go ahead and have some. When I visit a new brewery or distillery, I know that my palate will become tainted pretty fast. So I order a flight to keep my tongue moving and try some things I haven't had before. I get to experience life without getting a stomachache, or falling-down drunk. Usually. Here's the thing, if you stop when you actually want a little more... that means you got to enjoy it the most.

3) Plan ahead

If I am going to a party or if someone brings us all Pips donuts here at the office (It hasn't happened yet, but I am sure someone will want to treat me sometime soon), then I eat my normal meal before I head over to bar/party/treat station. This keeps me on the plan, it helps keep my confidence high and keeps my momentum going for the week. Knowing when and where I'm going to indulge actually makes it easier to stay on plan, because I know that I have something fun coming up!

4) Have an Early Morning Victory

I wake up and drink a smoothie for my first meal of the day. It's simple, effective, and gives me a sense of momentum that starts early. "Way to go, Josh!" is what my mind says. Pick a power breakfast of eggs and overnight oats to get your momentum going for the day.

5) Drink water!

When the world is tempting you to drink all the tasty beverages (yes, those tasty beverages that do not hold any nutritional value) of the world, smother them with water. Drink water only throughout the day and you will be completely hydrated. This will make you less hungry, more alert, and have more willpower to focus on the final tip:

6) Make it a Hell Yes, or a F@#$ no

With holiday treats, it is the same as everything else in life. If it isn't something amazing, if it isn't something you're really looking forward to... don't eat it. Often times, my 3rd cup of coffee in a day isn't about coffee, it is about me not having the self-awareness to know why I am drinking it. Don't succumb to crimes of convenience, peer pressure (MOM pressure), or circumstances. Just say F*** no, if you aren't in love!

Yours in strength,
Coach Josh