Patience for the process

TFW Coach Josh here, talking about one of my favorite and most important ideas: patience.

Patience is SO important when you are working toward your goals and objectives. SO IMPORTANT!

You’re playing the long game and you know you’re going to win the long game. That’s because you’re thinking long-term: you’re looking for solutions that will take care of you in the future, and improve your relationships, your physical health, your financial health, you’re taking big risks and you’re going for it. 

The long run is going to work. The short run might be a little dicey.

You might be say something like:

"Gosh Josh, I’m committed to this program and the training. I’m committed to taking care of myself. I’m eating my broccoli. I'm getting up early for my workouts. BUT I’m tired all the time and my body’s sore. I’m saving money but now I have to cut my lifestyle- I’m not able to go do the fun things I would like."

Sacrifices have to be made… and sometimes it hurts. You may be going thru a bad period in your life where crappy things are hurtling towards you at high speed. Maybe you’re losing some friends or experiencing trauma. Maybe your body hurts and you’re exhausted… OR you’re tired of being on the plan all the time. 

When you’ve got your north star or goal… and your path that leads to the goal, that path can get rocky. When that happens, you need PATIENCE.

Just to clarify: patience is not passive. Patience should be very active, in fact. 

Here's a boxing analogy as an example. Say I’m a counter-puncher and I’m in a fight. My plan is to get into the pocket where the other fighter has a chance to strike me. I will have to wait for them to expose themselves. In the meanwhile, I’m going to have to duck the jabs, use my hands and shoulder, take some punches, even get hit in the face.

However, I’m STILL staying in the pocket. I’m NOT running away. I’m coming into it, trying to counter and working my plan. AGAIN, for my plan to work, I have to get punched in the face. That's how the plan works.

I am holding faith to this plan... and I am committed to it! When the combinations start coming in fast and I don’t see them coming, I have to JUST MOVE and commit to my responses and know my plan is going to work out.

It’s not easy and it takes energy to do it. That’s patience. 

Patience doesn’t involve me standing here, waiting for things to happen to me (or waiting to get knocked out!) It’s about being alive and aggressive and getting after it. 

Yes, even though I know I might not get another opportunity after 10 punches… or 30 punches!

Patience is the rope-a-dope. Look at Mohammed Ali. He was sitting there, taking punches all day long. But! He's the greatest.

Be aggressive with your patience. 

Have faith in your plan. 

Let it be rocky. Let it be painful or uncomfortable. 

Be fine with that because you’ve got a mission. You’ve got an objective and you’re going to get there. 

So get there!

Whether you are receiving personal training or taking group classes, patience is key!

Whether you are receiving personal training or taking group classes, patience is key!