Eat more to win at life! Training for Warriors PDX

I'm going to share a little about the philosophy at TFW Portland. Recently I've been talking about it even more, as I'm finding that all people (men, women, the young, the old) have some "crazy" ideas about food... and maybe even dysfunctional relationships with food here in America. People are afraid of food and afraid to eat. 

The centerpiece of our nutrition philosophy at Training for Warriors is that food is an essential part of our recovery, food is healing and good nutrition could change your life.

Nutrition is the ex-factor of how fast you can accomplish your goals.

One way to look at it is: training creates the direction for your body to go and the quality of nutrition will decide the speed. If you have a great program and poor nutrition, you'll make progress. It just won't be that fast. If you have a great program and great nutrition, then BOOM! The sky's the limit!

Why do we think this way?

Basically, the reason we prefer the "eat-to-perform" aka "eat more food to enjoy your life" diet, is because it's sustainable. Most people can eat a calorie-deficient diet for a short period of time and maybe win a transformation contest or get some other arbitrary measure of success. That doesn't mean they can eat that way for the rest of their life. I don't like coaching "diets" as much as I like helping people find a nutrition plan that does the following: 

A. Gets them to their goals
B. Makes them feel good

What WE do is sustainable and adjustable to individuals' lives. If your plan to manage weight involves a daily 1100 calorie diet, you can't really adjust it up or down very much. Many people run a very calorie restricted diet and there are not too many places to go. They can't drop calories because they'd be dead, but they're also afraid to raise the calories.

The plan we use is performance enhancing. That means we get more energy, the brain works better,  feel good, get more things done, recover from injuries faster. It's all around better for you! 

One great question that comes up is: how would you eat more to lose weight, especially fat?

Below is an image of the metabolism that I adapted from John Berardi. On the x-axis, you've got calories. Calories increase as you move left to right on the x-axis. On the y-axis, you've got body weight (also low to high). Body weight increases as you move higher on the y-axis.

Hit that metabolic sweet spot!

Hit that metabolic sweet spot!

The circle on the graph represents where your ideal metabolism might sit. By metabolism, I mean: the chemical process of activity and food or the process of calories in and calories out. There IS a point at which you can eat fewer calories and actually gain weight... and eat more calories and lose weight.  

You may be saying, "WHHHHATTTTTTT??!?!? How could this be?"

Here's an example: It's like the throttle on your car. If you eat more fuel, your engine has access to extra horsepower that it can spend. When the engine spends more energy, it takes in more energy, which moves your metabolism forward. AND! The one thing that determines your overall metabolism is the amount of energy you consume. 

Contrary to this, there is the approach to metabolism that most people find more intuitive. Which is: if you drop calories then your weight/fat decreases... and if you increase calories, then your weight increases.

With that, I postulate that most people have no idea how to find their metabolic sweet spot. That's because when they start, they almost ALWAYS start with too few calories. I can tell because I know a lot of people on calorie-restricted diets who feel terrible AND are gaining weight.

If that's you, I'm really sorry. Shoot me an email or a call.

If that's not you, GREAT! So, what now?

Based on your height, weight and activity level, pick a number of calories to eat per day. Stick with it for 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks, take your measurements and see if you are gaining or losing weight. If your plan causes you to gain weight, then all you do is subtract calories by 3-5%. Do that for another 2 weeks and measure!

Let's say you subtract calories and your weight continues to go up, then you know you are climbing up the left side of the data curve, heading further away from your ideal point. If you add calories and your weight goes down, you hit the SWEET SPOT. It's a game of trial and error. 

Yes, we want you to eat!


If I could change one thing about you, I would make you fall in love with eating food. Because when you love to eat and are willing to play with your nutrition, you will feel better than ever before, be more energetic, look amazing, be taller, be more wealthy automatically (OKAY, maybe not those last two!).... and you'll automatically enjoy your meal plan.

Coach Josh here, hoping to help YOU bring out the warrior within.