Success secret: Life begins at the END of your comfort zone. TFW Portland


I want to talk about getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Often, you have to do something differently or try something new in order to GET THE THINGS YOU WANT IN LIFE. If you had already taken the actions to get there (new experiences, new skills or fitness level or a new height of your career) you would already have the results you want.

Step the action up to a degree that you haven’t tried before.

Sometimes this is getting out of bed and getting to the gym before you go to work/before your kids wake up. It can be as simple as going outside for a run when it’s raining. In a state like Oregon, that’s something we deal with day in and day out! 

What I'm really getting to is: be okay with a certain amount of discomfort in your life. Discomfort (especially emotional discomfort) is a feeling that a lot of people have a hard time getting settled into, which I totally understand!

Discomfort is something that you have to practice and it's often easier to practice if somebody’s doing it to you. For example, I was in boot camp, we got up EARLY. We moved all day long and did it every day for about 3 months. We got inoculated to being dirty, muddy, being tired, hungry, physically exhausted, even afraid. It’s almost good... because you didn’t have a choice of whether to do it or not. You did the thing... or you left.

So put yourself in a position where you have to REALLY commit to something. TFW Portland's 8-Week Warrior Challenge is a great way to do it!

Growing may require some discomfort!

Growing may require some discomfort!


If you don’t want to do something “big” like that, go ahead and do something bite-sized:

  • make an appointment with a friend
  • make a date to go running with someone
  • make the decision to get up early and attend a class at the gym!

Do something that you wouldn’t normally do and give it a few weeks!

Not just for one week, not just the first day when you are feeling excited and motivated for activity. Give yourself at least a couple of weeks to get thru the discomfort of being uncertain, tired, wet, fatigued. I bet the following will happen:

A: You’ll have a good time, you’ll learn something about yourself, AND YOU'LL GROW.


B: You’ll get more of that inoculation to discomfort that you’re going to need to succeed at the BIG things in life that you want to take on.

Training for Warriors Portland wants to help you go through your discomfort... and also bring out the warrior within!