The key to generating more time, energy, and money. TFW PDX


Coach Josh here from Training for Warriors Portland, coming at you with a top secret method for generating time, more energy… AND more money.

Time, energy and money are actually a result of your focus and commitment. They are the by-product of your effort and your energy. In this case, your energy being whatever you put your sights on. When you focus on something, you are giving your full attention to that moment,  which takes energy. If you’re going to try to make something happen with that, it’s going to take time-- even just shifting your focus takes time. As far as money goes, you’re going to burn up money just putting gas in your tank to get to your family’s house (if your family is your focus). What you focus on, is where your time, energy, and money go.

If you want to create more of those things, it’s really simple. Write down your top 3 priorities in life. You usually have one priority at a time but write down the 3 most important things in your life right now.

People often choose family, career, health, fitness, finances, fun, experiences, joy, their dog… anything can be in your top three. Write them down and give them a long look. You will probably see the trend in your priority list- based on where your time energy and money is going.

Well... THAT’S GREAT JOSH. I thought you were going to give me great ideas about getting time energy and money!

NO. But here’s the secret.

If #1 on your list isn’t you, THEN I might have some ideas about how you can get some more time energy and money.

Why would it be most important for you to be your #1 priority? What if your significant other or kids are number one?

Consider the consequences of putting yourself lower on the list. If you were on a plane and it started to lose cabin pressure, the oxygen masks would drop, right? The flight attendants ALWAYS tell you is to tell you to put your mask on first. If you lose consciousness, who will help your child?

You’re probably thinking OBVIOUSLY in a life or death situation, I’m not going to let myself go without food or water. I agree, but what if you let yourself go without a little bit of sleep, without getting that exercise or good nutritious food? What happens then?

You get a little more tired, lose a little bit more of that focus, lose a little of that ENERGY. YOU SEE WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS RIGHT?!  ;)

You start to wear yourself down!

And then, you’re not able to have that impact you want in regards to your family, career, or the areas of your life that you’re trying to influence. Shift your priority and bring you back to that #1 spot. Give yourself some of that love, time, energy and money. Really, everything is a function of love. Love is the truest purest form of energy and everything else is just a variant of that. You put the love back on yourself, you start to feel better. Just by making yourself important in that moment!

You might find that you have more time for yourself. You’ll be able to spend a little bit of money or expend extra energy in getting yourself prepared to do the other things on your priority list. And boom. The following will happen:

A. Better results than everything else that’s on your list.

B. You’re probably going to to be a little happier.

C. Check it out, those people around you? They’ll be happier, too.

Try writing that list and see what you discover!

Coach Josh from TFW Portland, signing out.


Creative Commons   Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported  license.  Do you feel like this? TFW Portland has a suggestion for you.

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Do you feel like this? TFW Portland has a suggestion for you.